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Tips for Christmas gifts

Christmas around the neck and a heavy head in the same place. Year after year you're determined to come up with original gifts, and every time it comes out in slippers, socks and some underwear. There's nothing like practicality, but sometimes it's time for a change. How about investing in your health? Whether it's your own health or the health of your loved ones? Clear your head with healthy exercise in the fresh air, and improve your fitness and immunity. Sounds like a good plan!

But you can't wrap movement as a present. You don't even put it under the tree. But there may be a surprise in the form of suitable sports equipment. You can exercise outdoors with weights or a jump rope, but that's not exactly what we had in mind. You'd want something more agile, something more mobile, something you can even take on a trip. Everyone has a bike, but there's no need to go with the crowd. We've got better gift ideas for you.
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