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  • Adapters

    You can use various adapters in order to make the footbike ride pleasant. The adapters are used for diverse purposes. They are not necessary footbike equipment but they make the ride (or manipulation) more pleasant.

    Various footbike adapter types

    The accessory holder is one of our various footbike adapters. You can attach e.g. a light or bottle basket to this adapter. Another type is the handlebar-extending adapter in order to put more things on the handlebars, e.g. a cycle computer. All people who like to go for a trip together with their dog friend can utilise the adapter for attaching a dog leash. It will help you to direct your dog and prevent the leash from entangling into wheels. Moreover, you can buy an adapter for lights or a special system which makes the wheel dismount easier.

  • Safety equipment

    Whether on a bike or a footbikes, safety. Especially if you move quickly and you have a dog on leash or even carry a child. So don’t hesitate to equip for a safe ride properly!

    Helms, bell and first-aid kit

    The helm is mandatory! Many lives have been saved by the helmet. We offer footbike helms at reasonable price..You can warn the pedestrians using a bell before they can get in your way. Some safety reflectors ought to be unconditional if you are on the road, especially when it’s dark. The lightsallow you to see but you have to be seen as well. For the worst-case scenarios, we recommend to be equipped with a first-aid kit. Even if you are very skilled, you can’t predict when a big hole or a mad hare appears.

    But don’t forget to have a suitable clothing.

  • Fenders

    The mudguards aren’t obligatory. If you plan to ride during of after the rain, they may become very handy. Furthermore, they complete the footbike design design on the whole. If you set out for a longer trip and you need more footbike bags, you should know that some have to be attached to the mudguard, so it’s necessary to have them.

    Construct your own footbike with mudguards

    Mudguards can be either front or rear, made from plastic or aluminium alloy. You can choose. But not all mudguards for the footbike KOSTKA are suitable for all models – you can check our table. Keep in mind that the footbike mudguards differ from the bike mudguards. We offer other accessories which make your footbike ride comfier and safer! Have a look on the baskets and bottles, cycle computers. But don’t forget the safety features.

  • Bags & Baskets

    Do you go shopping by footbike? Do you go for a longer, all-day or few days’ trips you need to be well prepared for? Then you can buy a bag you can attach to your footbike and you can use for storage of all your necessities. Some bags are attached to the fender, so you need them for the installation as well. Other bags are placed on the frame tube, handlebars or stem.

    Useful and elegant bags

    These bags of various size can be used for many purposes. Smaller models can be sufficient only on shorter trips. Those are only for the most important things as wallet, phone, snack or a small jacket. But the bigger bags can carry e.g. spare parts or a sleeping bag. Two of the main advantages of these nicely designed bags are perfectly prepared storage room and easy manipulation. Moreover, the bag can be quickly dismounted. They fit perfectly for the footbikes KOSTKA. The bags are made of washable material, so that their maintenance is simple.

  • Cycle Computers

    An elegant cycle computer is a perfect augmentation for the footbikes KOSTKA. If you want to have your journey under control, this small gadget will be your buddy. Whether you plan to record your best results or you just want to be informed of your riding skills, feel free to buy a cycle computer. We offer more product for various prices.


    The cycle computers have more functions. They are equipped with a speedometer, which allows you to know your speed (current, average and highest) and driven kilometres. It includes a watch too. Other functions are a little bit different - see the description of every product. Some of them can even measure temperature! But every cycle computer has a clearly arranged display, and is easy to use and attach. They are water-resistant, impact-resistant and durable.

  • Bottle Cages & Bottles

    It’s important to drink properly during every condition, especially during sports. So it’s appropriate to have something to drink at hand on footbike, especially in hot weather. Bottle holder is a small footbike accessory which makes your footbike perfect and helps you to enjoy your tour time. You can buy both the bottle and the holder from us.

    The accessories can be stylish too!

    The minimalistic basket can be made from aluminium or carbon (3K thread). The basket can be easily attached with screws. We offer an adapter for installation of two bottle holders. You can either use your own bottle or you can buy a stylish one with the logo of the Kostka company, which is made of durable plastic. The cap is resistant and is easy to open, so you can quickly quench you thirst with one hand. The drink doesn’t spill, not even during a very wild ride. The bottle holds tight in the holder and won’t fall out.

  • Tools

    The main goal is reaching the finish without any problem - or being able to solve every trouble during your ride. That is the most presumable wish of every footbiker! Don’t leave anything to chance on your footbike ride, don’t forget to take some tools which help you to fix minor malfunctions on your way. Everyone can make do this but you can ask for help a willing traveller. And soon, you will be able to continue your journey.

    Quick repair in terrain

    Sometimes you cannot avoid an accident, e.g. having a puncture can occur at any time. Loosed screws on a wild tour aren’t unusual occurrence! Worse events may occur as well but let’s not talk about them because we don’t want to summon them. So, get equipped with some wrenches, hex keys and screwdrivers, and puncture repair kit. With this equipment, you can do “first aid” if something happens to your footbike. Move your equipment to the bag you can attach to the footbike, so that it won’t bother you.

  • Clothing

    You ought to dress properly for a footbike ride. It’s important mainly for longer trips. In this case, we don’t speak about appearance (although it has some meaning as well). It’s true that you can look good even while doing sports. But a footbike clothing should be primarily secure and safe.

    Knee compression socks, T-shirts and caps

    Knee compression socks with a perfect anatomic shape for both legs are suitable for other sports as cycling, running, football, roller-skating etc. They provide correct blood flow towards the heart because the compression spreads equally through the socks. They support the blood perfusion in tissues, which improves your performance. And besides, they are made from high-quality materials with an anti-bacterial treatment which helps to maintain the body temperature and absorb the sweat from the feet. It helps to prevent mildew or eczemas.

    The T-shirts and other clothing made of highly-functional textile, too, provide comfortable wearing and free motion, as the gloves will protect you against cold or potential scrape damage. The helmets can be found among safety equipment.

  • Other

    Fenders, baskets, lights, locks and lots of other stuff – all these products are sorted in special categories in our e-shop. Didn’t you find any other necessary footbike accessories? Try to search in this section, perhaps the you will find what you are looking for. And if not, please contact us and we try to help you.

    Adapters and holders

    Here you can find e.g. rear light adapter, quick release skewer or a holder for forearm crutches(suitable for the footbike model RE-HA) - because even the people who have to walk with a crutch can ride a footbike too. That means that the footbike can become a physiotherapy tool. And if those people like to have a little stop during their trip and walk a little bit for a while, they will have the crutch at hand. Apart from these footbikes accessories for a comfier ride we can offer you more: Spare parts, as brakes, tires, stems etc.

  • For Dogs

    We offer various accessories not only for footbikers but also for their dogs. If you plan to walk the dog during a footbike ride, you need proper equipment. Collars, harness, leashes. Safe ride with your pet friend without accidents is the most important thing. It should not worsen your health, only improve.

    Attaching to belt or handlebars

    You can either have your dog on a leash attached to a belt or handlebars (using the special adapter), which makes your hands freefree and your footbike ride safe. The elastic adapter assists you on you journey and allows you to control your dog’s running direction. All components are made from high-quality resistant materials with long durability. We focused on your (and your dog’s) comfort too: The harness and belts have been designed as perfect as possible. We tried to minimise all uncomfortable rubbing.

  • Packets
  • Pumps

    Don’t leave anything to chance and always have a footbike pump at hand. The footbike tires inflate just as bicycle tires, so footbike pump is the same as bike pump. Every biker will utilise it. You can either buy small pumps for use during a trip (it fits into the bag with other equipment) or bigger pumps or foot pumps. All pumps are very light but resistant.

    Bike pump with manometer

    Many pumps are equipped with a manometer, so you can always have the inflation rate of your tires under control. Using a pump is not a hard job. The ride won’t be not so demanding, if the footbike tires are inflated properly. Always have a small pump at hand - sometimes you may need to pump up the tires during your journey. And the bigger pump can be stored at home in the garage footbikeyou can use for trip preparation. We also offer small CO2 sizers.

  • Bar Ends

    Customize your footbike KOSTKA with extra accessories, e.g. horn grips. These are more comfortable than having the hands on the handlebars and you can stand better if you have them. Moreover, you can easily rest your hands. They are resistant, don’t be afraid to push against them. The horn grips are very light, so they don’t affect the footbike’s driveability. They are easy to install. Ergonomic design is adapted for the grip; thus, the hands can easily pick the horns and still feel comfortable. Some horns are coated with a soft leather, which makes them pleasant to touch.

    Other extra footbike accessories

    You should choose the horn grips by the footbike model you own or according to your priorities. We offer more various accessories you can buy for making your footbike ride, e.g. Bags and baskets, bottle cages, Cycle computers. But we also offer spare parts you may need to replace sometimes, such as brakes or tires.

  • Saddles

    A seat isn’t a common footbike part but the footbike, which is equipped with it, can be used as a physiotherapic aid, especially for older or disabled people. Such modified footbike is good for those people who don’t feel steady while riding. But if they manage to stand on it as on a balance bike, when the legs are still in the contact with the ground, they will fell surer.

    Child seats

    In this category, you can also find a child seat, which is installed on the handlebars’ stem. It’s best for children (9-15 kg). With the child seat in front of the footbiker, the child can easily be watched over. This little rider sits securely thanks to he three-point belt. You can check other footbike accessories, we offer both spare parts or other necessary elements: (brakes, tires…), or additional equipment (horn grips, mudguards…), which makes the footbike ride more interesting.

  • Stands and Mounts

    There are two basic types of footbike stands - both were made for different purposes. You can either use one stand type for securing the footbike instead of propping it against a fence or a wall. And the second stand type helps you if you want to construct, modify or repair the footbike. We also offer the footbike holder. If the footbike is hung up in a garage or in an apartment, it doesn’t take up too much space.

    The extra-equipment will make your journey better

    There are more types of the footbike stands, just choose the one which fits best for your model. They are are easy to install. We also offer a universal stand which fits good for all footbikes. This element is not so important but it improves footbike’s feats. You can also buy other accessories, e.g. lights, locks, bags etc.

  • Lights

    Let there be light! Always, day and night. It’s important not only to see but also to be seen. You can select one of the various footbike lights that secure your journey, especially during poor visibility (at night or in fog). There are either front or rear lights. The rear lights are red and warn all overtaking cars. The front lights generate a clear white beam. They will light up and reveal every obstacle.

    Front/Rear rechargeable lights

    Some koloběžek models require an adapter for the installation. The lights are rechargeable, so we recommend to check their condition and recharge them if necessary. We offer a lot of other accessories for the footbike KOSTKA, e.g. safety features, tools, locks etc.

  • Locks

    Unfortunately, thieves live among us. Don’t give ruffians a chance. Although you may leave your footbike KOSTKA just for a second, e.g. in front of a store, you ought to lock it anyway. We offer good-quality locks for your footbike. They can withstand common tricks that generic thieves may try. The inner steel wire is not so easy to snip, just as the massive lock-up mechanism, which will protect your property.

    Universal multifunctional locks

    The universal and multifunctional locks can be also used for locking normal bicycles or gates. They are long enough, so you can lock multiple two-wheels vehicles. The footbike locks are very light. Some locks are opened by keys, some by password. You can lock it without the key, it’s enough to click shut. The password can be changed. We also offer more footbike accessories, e.g. spare parts which are important for the ride: (brakes, inner tubes, handlebars…). Other parts are above-standard accessories you can use for decorating your footbike: (bags, cycle computers, horns, etc…).


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