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Sport achievements of KOSTKA Scooters

Kostka team won 15 medals on Footbike World Championship 2014 (Czech Republic)

World Cup 2014 - Plzeň



WC FOOTBIKE 2012 – Sankt Wendel (GERMANY)

Scooter KOSTKA RACER PRO has been on the first places of the World Cup and has reached an imaginary scooter heaven. Last weekend the 2nd-4th of August 2012 St.Wendel German hosted World Championship of scootering. The race was attended by over 250 competitors from 20 countries from four continents, including Australia, USA and Estonia. Our expectations were completely met and KOSTKA scooter RACER PRO with phenomenal rider Richard Jisl  stood on the highest level: 1x gold, 2x silver medals.


Complete results and medal possitions are avaliable here for download.


Marathon 42 km - men veteran
Place: St. Wendel
Date: 02. – 04. 8.2012
Winner time: 1:29:13.596
Averange: 26,841 km/h

1. Richard JISL - equipment KOSTKA
2. Hans KORBEE

Criterium MEN veteran
Place: St. Wendel
Date: 02. – 04. 8.2012
 Richard Jisl's time: 28:31.396
Averange: 23,816 km/h

2. Richard JISL - equipmentKOSTKA

Sprint MEN veteran
Place: St. Wendel
Date: 02. – 04. 8.2012

2. Richard JISL - equipment KOSTKA

Scooter Maraton Kleinkoschen 15.7.2012

Place: Kleinkoschen
Date: 15.7.2012
Course lenght: 42 km
Winner time: 1:39:07
Averange: 25,42 km/h



  • Richard Jisl equipment KOSTKA
  • Jaroslav Jisl equipment KOSTKA
  • Detlef Lüdtke equipment Mibo
  • Uwe Anderseck equipment Kickbike


The huge parking lot in a small village Kleinkoschen during the race meet thousands of racers and spectators who watch as the fight absolutely flat track cyclists, scooter rides, in-iners for their titles. In the category of the scooters, which started relatively early this year were fighting for overall victory, but also the title of champion scooter rider of Saxony, which was the race only for the German competitors. Brothers Jaroslav and Richard Jisl also started immediately from the start to dictate the pace and mainly thanks to Jaroslav this younger couple moved fast away from other opponents. The Step with  Kidokai KOSTKA Brothers held only experienced Detlef Lüdtke from Berlin, which, despite a strong headwind in the first half of the track still rode in sight. After the improved cooperation of brotherly duo, in the second half of the track was virtually decided the victory. Older Richard saved more forces on the track and rode to victory against his brother Jaroslav and  Berliner at the third, which is already at the end noticeably lacked power. At the fourth place then finished the previous champion of the 2011 of Saxony Uwe Andersek.


"For us, it was mainly about testing the material during the race when the track is extremely flat, close to the Dutch race," race winner  Richard Jisl. "From this perspective, scooters Cube stood in competition with other European brand perfectly. Of course is still a place for improvement and therefore we look forward to further successful cooperation with KOSTKA.

Hans Korbee