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Manillar REBEL (grow-up set)

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IVA no incluído 81,82 €

IVA incluído 81,82 €


Adjust your children REBEL KID scooter for their grown children!
The big advantage is the opportunity to buy discounted called grow-up set containing higher handlebars with extended brake wires. The scooter is thus possible to adjust the size of the child to adult sizes. It is possible to get a standard scooter suitable not only for the city but also for shorter trips. The bag is part of packaging.

Ficha técnica

Especificaciones básicas
Anchura 90 MM (vnitřní šířka u představce)
Especificación de tallo
Manillar O 25,4 mm
Especificación de los manillares
Ancho 59 cm
Diámetro 22,2 mm


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Manillar REBEL (grow-up set)

Manillar REBEL (grow-up set)

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