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Plegable Patinete KOSTKA REBEL Fold



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IVA no incluído 428,93 €

IVA incluído 428,93 €

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Super light foldable scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold is not only a city scooter for everyday. Its main advantages are excellent handling characteristics and super light weight. Foldable scooter with small overall dimensions for easy carry, transport, to store, etc.

Foldable scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold weighs just 5.8 kg. Dimensions folded scooter REBEL FOLD is only: width 22 cm, height 64 cm, length 120 cm.

Foldable scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold is made of high strength (CrMo) steels. A number of technological innovations along with used components provide the perfect driving comfort. That is why the scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold suitable not only for the city but also for shorter trips in the nature too.

Especially when climbing to the hills or stairs appreciate scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold as a faithful helper: scooter simply inserted into specially made bags that will carry easier.

The unique design

Into elegant white handlebar is inserted functional bag in which it is possible to not only hold a windbreaker with the wallet and the upper transparent foil mobile phone, but a lot of other necessary accessories that are required during ride. Folding stem is elegant Anodizing treatment and complements the overall lightness and balance. Curves decent black or red are highlighted with white lines and accessories. Red hubs only 65 mm wide is enhanced with footboard perfect urban scooter concept, for which everyone likes to turn heads.

  • The industrial hub bearings REMERX
  • V-brakes Shimano Alivio
  • The frame, fork and handlebars from CrMo steels

Stem FOLD can be briefly described as both simple and sophisticated system to minimize a size of fold scooters.

This unique stem allowing folding handlebar by 180 degrees in the XY axes. The body of the stem composed of three parts is made from a special aluminum alloy. Pivot and fittings stems are made of stainless steel.

Scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold is not only a designer's affairs, but functional scooter disposing of the lowest weight and lowest dimensions (in the folded state). And together with excellent driving characteristics scooter is destined for comfortable transportation around the city and during yours trips.

Scooter KOSTKA REBEL Fold can be equipped with transport bag.


Ficha técnica

Especificaciones básicas
Altura 910 mm
Anchura 590 mm
Longitud 1 200 mm
Peso 5,8 kg
La carga máxima marco 120 kg
Tamano de la rueda delantera 16"
Tamano de la rueda trasera 12"
Altura libre de estribo 60 mm
Longitud de estribo 400 mm
Facilidad de conducción
Carretera Buena
Terreno Insuficiente
Ciudad Excelente
Frenos Shimano Alivio
Centros Remerx 65 mm
Neumáticos Schwalbe Big Apple
Llantas Sola pared
Tallo Fold
Manillar Rebel


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Plegable Patinete KOSTKA REBEL Fold

Plegable Patinete KOSTKA REBEL Fold

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