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20" rueda de cordones REMERX ALCYON


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IVA no incluído 178,51 €

IVA incluído 178,51 €

178,51 €


Special road wheel suitable for sport, training and racing activities.

Special hub, which double-crossed spokes provide higher rigidity, solidity and resistance to lateral load of wheel. All parts of the hub are made of a special aluminium alloy, which exhibits not only excellent mechanical properties but also lightweight. The width off hub for attachment to the fork is 100 mm.

Wheels ALCYON boast not only the perfect riding properties, but also the excellent design.

Ficha técnica

Especificaciones básicas
Anchura 100 mm


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20" rueda de cordones REMERX ALCYON

20" rueda de cordones REMERX ALCYON

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