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Asiento RE-HA MAXI 3

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IVA no incluído 114,88 €

IVA incluído 114,88 €


Why to put additional seat on scooterRE-HA 3?


Scooter RE - HA 3 is the scooter included additional seat for comfortable ride with support of sit during ride and “crutches holder” (rehabilitation crutches, nordic stick,..), working as substitute for RUN for adults. Each riders can chose the way of move ( scootering or simply kick force away). Suspension seat is up and down adjustable. 2 different height dimension of seat post.

Scooter RE - HA 3 helps people suffering from the Parkinson syndrome, arthritis, diseases of the joints. Develops psychomotor not only young people but also older and seniors. Facilitates the movement of persons with partial limb prosthesis and those hip endoprosthesis. Scooter RE - HA 3 can help not only as a rehabilitation tool, but as a perfect tool to facilitate the daily movement. Scooter RE - HA 3 welcome as seniors, persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility and impaired orientation.

All set can be easy fitted with most of our scooters. It is suitable mainly for scooters HILL 3, TOUR 3.


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Asiento RE-HA MAXI 3

Asiento RE-HA MAXI 3

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