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+ Order HILL MAX with children handlebars (FBH 580 KID)
KOSTKA HILL KIDParents can easily choose between the higher or lover handlebars, so they can adjust the height for their children. Their usage is suitable for kids from 110 to 185 cm. If you order the scooter, and you want FBH 580 Handlebars included, the model will not be preinstalled with them. The handlebars will be shipped together in the box with the scooter, but not installed. !ATTENTION! If you want to order HILL MAX scooter with FBH 580 KID handlebars, you need to mention that in the description of the order. Be sure to mention: "I want to include the FBH 580 KID handlebars".

KOSTKA HILL MAX is the most versatile scooter for the whole family that will not disappoint. This scooter is suitable for adults as well as teenagers. The front 20 inch wheel improves handling and stability at high speeds. The scooter is very agile. It combines the features of the KOSTKA STREET and KOSTKA TWENTY scooters.

The MAX model series scooters are middle class models for the most common user group and for daily exercise and trips. Excellent riding characteristics, such as handling and stability even at high speeds, are due to the frame geometry and the innovated front fork. A narrowed concept of the frames and forks, based on 65 mm wide hubs, prevents contact of the foot with the scooter when pushing off the ground. Excellent riding comfort is ensured by wheels with stainless-steel spokes on double-chamber Dragon rims and hubs on industrial bearings. Speed, comfort and safety are provided by the first-rate SCHWALBE Marathon Racer tyres and the SHIMANO 4000 brakes. The cable is coated with a NANO layer for the increased and smooth movement of the rear brake.

Discover all the new MAX model inovations!!

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Basic specifications

Height 940 mm
Length 1 480 mm
Weight 8,4 kg
Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
Front wheel size 20"
Rear wheel size 16"
Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
Footboard Length 420 mm


Brakes ##524##
Hubs KOSTKA 65 mm
Tires Schwalbe Marathon Racer
Rims Double-wall

Tube Specifications

Tube Valve Type Auto, Moto


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