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The main motto for safety and healthy ride: Only protection not enough.
"Who really did not fall on a scooter is not good rider."


For these cases, you will need for the safety scootering our special emergency kit that contains everything needed for basic treatment. Think of your safety and the safety of their loved ones in time! Highly recommended not to underestimate the nature and condition of roads and all road users, however, is the best kit, the contents of which pulled just because "the sticking-plaster is already out of warranty."
This handy response pack is ideal for offering protection when administering emergency CPR.

We wish you a lot of miles without any accidents!


The content of first aid kit:

  • 2× Bandage (8 cm)
  • 6× Patch with a pad (8 × 4 cm)
  • 1× Roll of sticking-plaster (2,5 cm × 5 m)
  • 1× Triangular scarf (96 × 96 × 136 cm)
  • 1× Surgical gloves
  • 1× Isothermic foil (200 × 140 cm)
  • 2× Safety pins

Basic specifications

Height 105 mm
Width 50 mm
Length 160 mm
Weight 115 g


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