Special reinforced scooter with a load capacity of 200 kg. All of our footbikes for adults have a load capacity of 150 kg. However, some people may push the needle on the scales a little higher. This is not a problem. For them, we have the Kostka Tour Pro XXL (G6) model with a load capacity of 200 kg. The KOSTKA TOUR PRO XXL (G6), which is part of our most popular Tour series with 26/20” wheels, has retained all the tried-and-tested features that have been included in our Tour models throughout six generations of development.

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KOSTKA footbikes and accessories are products manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic.

ATTENTION! This footbike is equipped with SCHWALBE BIG APPLE tyres!

G6 - The new perspective

Special reinforced footbike with a load capacity of 200 kg

KOSTKA TOUR PRO XXL (G6) is a specially designed model for the real man and women. This footbike with load capacity of 200 kg has an extreme frame stiffness, which is achieved by a special reinforcement and welding across the bottom side of the whole frame. Beside the stiffness and reinforcement, it also protects the most stressed parts in contact with irregularities.

Footbike KOSTKA TOUR XXL (G6) will impress you with awesome drive ability, so you can enjoy every single ride with joy and without restrictments. Remerx hubs, designated specially for footbikes will ensure quick and smooth rotation of very durable Jumbo wheels. Marathon Plus tires from Schwalbe ensures the precise guidance track lane. KOSTKA TOUR XXL is a model with Shimano 615 hydraulic brakes. Thanks to those brakes, you will always stop reliably and safely.

Footbike and weight loss – that is a topic, which you may think about. And be sure you think about it correctly. Because when you ride a footbike, you engage both the lower and upper parts of your body, so you can shape the entire figure in an efficient, fun and easy way.

However, not everyone wants to lose weight on a footbike…If you are happy with your weight and you are just looking for a good quality footbike, which will not grieve over the extra pound or two, KOSTKA TOUR XXL (G6) is will welcome you with her arms open.

Hubs with no defects nor deficiencies..

The design of the KOSTKA hubs themselves has been developed regarding their high functionality and easy maintenance. The innovative mechanism of the low-friction industrial bearings enables the exact play delimitation - thus no complicated hub adjustment is necessary. Simple hub tail removal allows an easy maintenance. We used a high tenacity aluminium alloy for making this hub type. The stainless direct wire spokes made by Sapim provide a great stiffness.

Hubs with no defects nor deficiencies..

The elegant curves provide a perfect driveability...

You will get to like the footbike KOSTKA TOUR MAX (G6) thanks to the precise controllability and stability, even at high speed. The 6th-generation frame with increased stiffness by up to 43% is based on this proven construction; it provides perfect driveability and an extraordinary riding experience you’ll never forget.

The elegant curves provide a perfect driveability...

The “drop-shaped” main frame profile is very aerodynamic - so it was designed and now it’s an integral part of footbikes’ typical appearance. The special profile is newly reinforced with a welding. The main elements of the new-generation frame are the enhanced rider space or the optimized stiffness and the elegant shape of the construction.

It shows its figure without any diffidence...

An integrated hole for the stand has also been included in the construction. Also, the front stiffener with special welding for greater stiffness and higher resistance while hitting the uneven terrain are the part of the standard characteristics today. We are truly proud of it. The stainless adhesive elements on the upper side of the deck prolong the deck lifespan and it improves effect the slip-resistant elements. This unique technical solution protects the rider and it prevents the unwanted slipping of the standing leg.

It shows its figure without any diffidence...

The most important thing is the pushing! But what about the lifting it up a little bit?

The rear heel stop is an innovation you will appreciate for sure. This stop has been made by milling from high tenacity aluminium alloy. You can make use of it while pushing, lifting up the footbike or while riding over an obstacle, e.g. kerbs. The shape has been optimized for all kinds of shoesb. The stop can be replaced by another type or it can be removed. This new feature provides extended stepping surface and enhanced rider space; so, the pushing and changing the pushing legs will be slightly easier again.

The most important thing is the pushing! But what about the lifting it up a little bit?

Let you amaze...

by its outstanding details! The luxurious appearance of this footbike is provided by the stainless-steel labels or the laser-engraving on the components.

Let you amaze...

The safety reflectors placed at several spots will increase the safety features of the footbike. All of this has been reached through the honest work in our workshop. So, are you ready to move off? We ARE!

Let you amaze...

Made in CZECH

Základní specifikace

11,2 kg
Frame load capacity
200 Kg
1720 mm
1040 mm
Footboard clearance
60 mm
Footboard height
86 mm
Footboard Length
450 mm
1160 mm
Front wheel size
Rear wheel size
Handlebar width
720 mm


Front fork
Rigid 26" - 100 mm Reinforced
Aluminum 31.8 mm
Aluminum 720 mm - 31.8 mm
Shimano DEORE (disc, hydraulic)
Handlebar Grips
Hardened foam - locking
A-Head Semi-integrated
Bearings (Hubs)
Schwalbe Big Apple
Stainless steel
Plastic reflex

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