Footbike KOSTKA TRAVEL Wedding (G5) - Limited wedding edition


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28 "-20" scooter for trips and sports

Whether you decide to have a nice and easy trip through the neighbourhood or you plan to ride a long way further, KOSTKA TRAVEL, a scooter for trips and sports will provide you with an unforgettable experience. You will perceive the world in the new light while footbiking! So, step on and straight ahead!

Once you push off on this adult tourist footbike for the first time, its perfect driveability will make it a part of your body (and soul) instantly. You will get to like the footbike. The KOSTKA TRAVEL concept is based on the most popular KOSTKA TOUR, but we have completely redesigned the steering geometry, fitted a larger front wheel and improved the main frame tube geometry. KOSTKA TRAVEL has precise controllability and stability, even at high speed.

For a grip on the light terrain, the scooter features a 28 "front wheel which allows you to get over every unevenness and ride on moderate terrain without any problem. The tires Schwalbe KOJAK make sure that you hold the line precisely. They fit best on the smooth asphalt but unpaved roads in the fields or woods are no problem as well and, as it may seem, these tires DOES NOT slip on asphalt during rain.

We designed both frame and front fork (supported by the 65mm wheel hub) a bit narrower in order to make the footbike comfier for you, whether you use it for trips or just in leisure activities. This construction prevents the pushing leg from touching the footbike and thus makes your ride more comfortable. Moreover, the two-chamber rims Dragon with stainless wire spokes and the wheel hub KOSTKA HK 6524 RS in the industrial bearings make the ride effective, comfortable and very quick.

It may happen that you hit something with the lower part of the deck, that can't be avoided... We tried to protect the frame during these collisions and thus prolong the lifespan. So we added a specials welds and a stiffener to the lower part of the deck that makes the footbike tougher as well.

This footbike is equiped with new ergonomic handlebars Kostka FBH 680-50 Al Wings which were designed especially for footbiking. The bar ends are adapted to your wrist and to natural grasp, thus your arms aren’t stressed more than necessary. The new gel grips provide comfort you deserve.

But every ride has an end... When you would like to stop, just use the steady V-brakes Shimano 4000.

The footbike TRAVEL MAX was born to travel long trips. But it wouldn’t get bored during shorter tours in the neighbourhood either. This adult footbike, equipped with inflatable tires, fits perfectly for both asphalt and unpaved roads, and furthermore it’s an almost inexhaustible source of joy for you - you wouldn’t get bored either! It is suitable from 170 cm and higher stature.

Properties radar

Basic specifications

Height 1030 mm
Length 1750 mm
Weight 9,3 kg (10 kg with accessories)
Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
Front wheel size 28"
Rear wheel size 20"
Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
Footboard Length 420 mm
Wheelbase 1180 mm
Handlebar width 680 mm


Brakes Shimano 4000
Hubs KOSTKA HK 6524 RS
Tires Schwalbe KOJAK
Rims Double wall - DRAGON
Stem KOSTKA SK 2822 S
Handlebars KOSTKA FBH Wings 680-50 Al
Front fork Rigid 28" - 65 mm
Bearings (Hubs) Industrial
Headset A-Head
Handlebar Grips Hardened foam
Spokes Stainless steel
Tubes Auto
Caps Plastic reflex


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