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G6 - The new perspective

A universal footbike with a folding bonus

Footbikes were originally small, but large models have now come back into favour. However, the golden mean is represented by the medium-size category for adults with two 20 inch wheels. The Kostka Twenty now also comes with an added Fold – i.e. it is a sixth generation (G6) twenty-inch folding footbike – and as such it embodies elegance coupled with the excellent handling of a (medium) large footbike and value added in the form of its ability to fold up and occupy less pace.


Two times twenty inches with you at all times

The Kostka Twenty Fold (G6) is a universal footbike that is also very popular with the fairer half of the footbiking populace due to its design where both wheels are the same size. It is not as large as the models with a larger front wheel (for example, the Kostka Tour), which is an advantage in many situations. At the same time, however, it provides the same amount of space for an adult rider, so your ride comfort is never compromised. The two identically sized wheels will support you in every situation, no matter whether you are riding on asphalt or if your path sometimes takes you along field or forest tracks.

Two times twenty inches with you at all times

In addition, the option of folding the footbike up is a bonus that you are sure to use in a wide variety of cases. Your Twenty Fold will transform into a compact, flat package that will fit into so many tight places that an unfolded footbike simply cannot and all it takes just a few seconds without the need for any tools. In the boot of your car, in the lift, next to your desk at the office, in public transport … and, if you purchase the practical carry bag that goes with the Twenty Fold, your fellow passengers will have no idea of the treasure you are carrying.

Two times twenty inches with you at all times

A universal folding footbike

The typical “Kostka frame design” with its drop-like cross section in the main frame profile has undergone many years of development, thanks to which the sixth generation of the Twenty Fold combines a high degree of rigidity with low weight and geometry that guarantees excellent handling. The Kostka Twenty Fold will support you during fast descents, but will also be just as nimble during evasive manoeuvres at slow speeds. The deck clearance is sufficient for all surfaces, including paved field and forest tracks, but at the same time it is not so high as to tire you due to unnecessary squatting.

A universal folding footbike

Every footbike requires the rider to kick to make it move, but we have done everything to ensure that the ride on the Twenty Fold is as pleasant as possible without any of the rider’s energy being wasted. This is significantly assisted by the wheels fitted with fast, universal Schwalbe Marathon Racer trekking tyres. Moreover, they come with a double nylon membrane that provides protection against punctures. And, if you always carry a spare inner tube to be on the safe side, the Kostka Twenty gives you the advantage of only having to carry one, because both the wheels are the same size..

A universal folding footbike

We have also optimised the height of the handlebars mounted in the telescopic stem and the handlebar’s shape and comfortable grips ensure a safe and comfortable hold, even during long trips. The handlebars can be tilted according to your needs and they can be height adjusted within an interval of 5 cm. The height of the handlebars means that you can also equip your Twenty Fold with a children’s seat and safely transport your child with you (in front of you).


Perfection in the details

The (G6) Twenty Fold is made by Kostka and not by Rubik. This means it can be folded up with just two or three operations and in just a few seconds. The FOLD system secures the folding of the handlebars, while the SPIN system is in charge of rotating the frame about its axis. Just release the appropriate bolt and turn the handlebars in the stem and the main frame profile. If you want to make the package even smaller, you can simply remove the rear wheel. Once again, this does not require the use of any tools and it takes just a few seconds.

Perfection in the details

We also keep your safety in mind when developing our footbikes. The stainless steel components on the deck will reliably grip your sports footwear during any weather and what’s more… they simply look great. The bottom of the deck has been welded to protect and strengthen it. The connection of the deck to the main frame profile has been strengthened using specially designed “bracing”. The newly designed heel guards made of light aluminium alloy mean that you can slightly raise the heel of your standing leg when riding over large bumps. The pair of tried-and-tested Shimano 4000 V-brakes will safely and efficiently slow or stop the Twenty Fold footbike in all situations.

Perfection in the details

We use hubs of our own production for the majority of our footbikes and the G6 Kostka Twenty Fold is no exception. The narrow 65mm hubs with Japanese industrial bearings and directly mounted radial spoke wires mean that the rear frame has a width of just 110 mm. The well-known footbike injury involving clipping one’s ankle on the rear fork is therefore reduced to the maximum extent. The wheels have light, yet strong dual-walled rims with a machined braking surface that contributes to the ride safety.

Dokonalost v detailech

And what’s more…

The Kostka Twenty Fold (G6) footbike can, of course, be fitted with full-length mudguards on both wheels and don’t forget to add the light, practical stand to your shopping basket. Other options include a holder for your drink bottle, a headlight and flashing rear light or even a pannier… you can find it all at our website.

Made in CZECH

Properties radar

Basic specifications

Height 980 mm
Length 1565 mm
Weight 9,9 kg
Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
Front wheel size 20"
Rear wheel size 20"
Clearance Height of Footboard 50 mm
Footboard Length 440 mm
Footboard Height 76 mm
Wheelbase 1080 mm
Handlebar width 680 mm
Length (folded with rear wheel) 1260 mm
Height (folded with rear wheel) 730 mm
Length (folded without rear wheel) 1040 mm
Height (folded without rear wheel) 730 mm
Width (folded) 220 mm


Brakes Shimano 4000
Hubs KOSTKA HK 6524 RS
Tires Schwalbe Marathon Racer
Rims Double wall - DRAGON
Stem KOSTKA FL 2822 S
Handlebars KOSTKA FBH 680-190 St
Front fork Rigid 20" - 65 mm
Bearings (Hubs) Industrial
Headset A-Head
Handlebar Grips Hardened foam - locking
Spokes Stainless steel - black
Tubes Auto
Caps Plastic reflex


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