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About us

About us

Original KOSTKA

Original KOSTKA

Even though a footbike is a relatively simple means of transport, simpler than a bicycle for example, it is no mean feat to manufacture one so that it works as well as possible. We have been doing this for more than twenty years, so we know what we are talking about. It is easy to differentiate Kostka brand footbikes from any other models on the market. The design of our machines is unmistakeable and supplemented with functionality at the optimum ratio. We regularly innovate, but not merely for the sake of innovation – our improvements always increase the utility value of our footbikes.

Self-sufficiency or when you use your own resources

No matter how globalised the world economy becomes, it is always best to have the entire production process under your direct control. The KOSTKA - kolobka Company has admittedly outgrown its origins as a family company, but we have remained faithful to our own production at our own premises.

We do our work well and we have the “papers” to prove it

Our company has held the ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management System Certificate and the ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System Certificate since 2009. Our company has espoused the Integrated Management System Policy, which pertains to quality and environmental protection, since 2011.

We think highly of our work and protect it within the global market

Our brand was successfully registered with the European Patent Office (EPO) at the beginning of 2012, meaning that KOSTKA became a registered trademark. The products were registered in parallel with the company name, which ensured comprehensive international industrial protection.

Why KOSTKA footbikes

Why KOSTKA footbikes

The Czech Republic is a footbike superpower. Nowhere else in Europe and probably throughout the world will you find as many footbikers as in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this, or perhaps because of this, there is also a large concentration of footbike manufacturers in this country. We do not wish to sound immodest, but we have worked on footbikes so long and with such energy at Kostka - kolobka that we have become the largest manufacturer far and wide. We are proud of this fact, but at the same time it also constitutes a commitment for us.

More than 20 years’ experience with footbikes

If you do something for a long time, you either get sick of it after a while or you don’t and then you become a master in your field. Happily, we are the latter case. Each new generation of our footbikes is better than the previous one. We improve what already seems to be flawless.

A Czech company from design to production

We think highly of our ideas and the adeptness of Czech hands. We are proud of the fact that we have our own production capacity and cutting edge technology. We employ people from our region and our footbikes bear the scent of Jeseník mountain air.

We are 100% devoted to footbikes

We exclusively manufacture footbikes. The heads of our design engineers are filled only with thoughts of footbikes. Our machines only work on footbikes. We are footbike specialists and we live for footbikes. We don’t allow ourselves to be distracted by anything else.

We define footbikes as a whole

We not only produce footbike frames, but also the majority of the components that other manufacturers have to purchase in. Thanks to this, we are able to adapt to the specific characteristics of footbikes. We are not limited by what other subcontractors offer. We are self-sufficient from design to production.