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Health and fun

A footbike is for everybody

A footbike is for everybody

A footbike represents sport and fun. And when is a good time to start riding? Any time at all! A footbike lets you be and remain active. The main thing is to take the first step and try footbiking. Your head and body will thank you for it.

Anybody can start

A footbike doesn’t care how old you are, what state your muscles are in, how much you weigh and whether or not you do sport regularly. It will stretch your muscles and provide you with fun and health benefits, no matter who you are.

Riding a footbike has a lot in common with our natural form of locomotion, namely walking,

... says Lenka Fasnerová, an expert physiotherapist and sports instructor, when explaining why riding a footbike is suitable for everybody.
Lenka Fasnerová Lenka Fasnerová

An expert physiotherapist and sport instructor

Footbikes can bring your family together

Senior citizens can easily complete footbike trips with their grandchildren. Mothers will be able to keep up with their children who are riding bikes. And, if your partner is a cyclist, but you don’t much care for cycling, you can go on a trip with them on your footbike. Footbikes provide families with quality time spent together and common experiences that they will long remember!

A footbike is a rehabilitative tool

A footbike provides fundamental health benefits to our joints, back, hips and nervous system. That is why it is used as a rehabilitative tool in health spas for patients who have had accidents or joint replacement surgery and even in patients with neurodegenerative disorders (for example, Parkinson’s disease etc.)

A footbike is like a health spa on wheels!

... says Leopold Kotlár, who works as an expert physiotherapist at the Darkov health spa.
Leopold Kotlár

An expert physiotherapist at the Darkov health spa

Footbiking is an excellent sport for senior citizens

Footbiking is an excellent sport for senior citizens Riding a footbike will keep you moving. It improves coordination and therefore also motor skills. The fact that you alternate between your right and left legs means that you train the connection between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, which contributes to improved memory, concentration and cognitive function. In addition to that, footbiking also helps to “lubricate” and exercise your joints and improve your circulation. A footbike improves your general vitality!

A footbike will get a child off the couch

Riding a footbike is a fun kind of active, free movement. A footbike lets you have adventures! And at the same time it does not require any special skills, so every child can do it. There are increasing numbers of schools where footbikes are now part of physical education classes. If you get your child and yourself a footbike, pretexts and options for heading out into the fresh air will suddenly abound. Put an end to boredom! Everyone feels great on a footbike!

Your back and joints will thank you

Your back and joints will thank you

Sport should be fun, but it also has to correspond to what your body needs. Footbiking is a perfect sport for the modern age, when we are suffering from a number of lifestyle diseases resulting from reduced motion as a consequence of our endlessly sedentary lifestyle or even obesity.

An end to sore backs

Your weight is evenly balanced when riding a footbike. No part of your back is overburdened. Footbiking strengthens your intercostal and back muscles, which then allows them to support your back more firmly. Weakened musculature causes pain, but riding a footbike will enable you to stretch and strengthen your dorsal muscles. The backward extension of your leg when kicking off will bring relief to your lumbar region.

A footbike improves knee and hip function

Footbiking does not overload our joints, because we alternate between legs when riding. Moreover, the backward extension of the leg likewise extends the hips and therefore relaxes them. An expert study has proven that footbikes generally improve the muscular system and motor coordination.
The study into the influence of footbiking on health.

Rehabilitate and compensate

Footbiking perfectly compensates not only for your sedentary lifestyle, but also for any excess loading of the body caused by other sports activities. Other sports often place unilateral stresses on our bodies. In other words, footbiking gives our body a different type of movement than it is used to and in doing so it improves our overall health and leads to us achieving better results, including in other sports. Riding a footbike also provides excellent and rehabilitative exercise in the same way.

When to transfer from a bicycle to a footbike

Even after investing in cutting-edge bicycles, cyclists frequently find that cycling leads to painful bottoms, a numbing of the back and the shortening of the tendons below the knee. Sometimes, this also leads to difficulties with balance and the need to be closer to the ground. That is when it is time to transfer to a footbike.

When we stand on a footbike with a correct deck height, we are just slightly above the ground, yet safely in contact with it. Moreover, it is not necessary to hunch our backs, as it is when cycling,

... emphasises Lenka Fasnerová, a physiotherapist and footbiking instructor.
Mgr. Lenka Fasnerová Lenka Fasnerová

An expert physiotherapist and sport instructor

The correct footbike model will enable you to complete routes of practically the same distance as on a bicycle and what’s more you will burn more calories doing so.

Try a footbike before you start jogging

The reason is simple: your joints may not be able to handle any sudden start to jogging without protesting, especially if you are overweight and running on hard terrain. Tiredness, pain from jolts or accidents could put you off doing sport completely. On the other hand, a footbike doesn’t care how much you weigh. It will help you undertake a large amount of easy movement and have fun doing it. As a result, you will be motivated to do even more sport.

A footbike forms your figure

A footbike forms your figure

Everybody naturally wants to look good and a footbike can help form many parts of the body. Surprisingly, this does not only mean the legs and the buttocks, but also your core and arms. So, away with the agony of diets and weight training: it’s time for fun in the fresh air.

Leg extension works wonders

We spend most of the day in positions that do not benefit our bodies and we lack overall movement. Sitting at a computer or in a car also weakens our gluteal muscles. As a consequence of this, our hips hurt and our lumbar regions may become overloaded. A strong gluteal musculature is an excellent way of preventing this pain and a footbike is an excellent way of cultivating firm buttocks. When footbiking, you kick off with both feet, so you stretch your gluteal musculature and define the areas of your hips that otherwise usually resist regular exercise.

Footbiking strengthens your arms, abdomen and thighs

You lean on your arms when riding a footbike, but you do not hold your shoulders in a stiff position as when riding a bicycle. On the contrary, your arms work during each kick off and during the subsequent balancing process. This means that you strengthen them using your own weight, which is ideal. Your abdomen also comes into play during the same movement, so your abdominal muscles will be worked and stretched. Our footbikes have no seats, because that is healthy. You alternate the standing leg and also the foot you use to kick off with, which will result in your thigh muscles strengthening.

You use all the significant muscle groups when footbiking!

... points out the physiotherapist Lenka Fasnerová.
Mgr. Lenka Fasnerová Lenka Fasnerová

An expert physiotherapist and sport instructor

Why a footbike strengthens your back, but a bicycle doesn’t

Strengthening your muscles requires them to work, rather than subjecting them to a unilateral non-motive load. Your dorsal musculature works intensively when riding a footbike, because you often change your position: you kick off with alternate legs, pull on the handlebars with your arms and straighten yourself. All of this increases the blood circulation to the muscles and strengthens them. On the other hand, there is a frequent risk of stiffness on a bicycle caused by the body’s unchanging position when riding.

A footbike strengthens our core

A footbike involves a comprehensive form of movement.

Every woman will appreciate the fact that riding a footbike gives our problematic body areas, namely the buttocks and the thighs, an intensive workout. In addition, however, we also incorporate our abdomen or abdominal muscles and our arm muscles,

... points out the physiotherapist Lenka Fasnerová.
Mgr. Lenka Fasnerová Lenka Fasnerová

An expert physiotherapist and sport instructor

A strengthened core stabilises the internal axis and improves the work of the diaphragm and therefore also the breathing. It supports the lumbar area and is also associated with the activity of the pelvic floor. A footbike is an ideal natural gym for our core.

You need to be active to live

You need to be active to live

A footbike will enable you to move and be active and whoever keeps moving has energy for life. At the same time, it is also a sport that supports both hard-core sportspeople and those who are only just getting started in leading a more active lifestyle.

A footbike helps us remain active

Even if you do not feel up to doing a lot of types of sport that require a special level of physical fitness, skill, conditions or equipment, you can always ride your footbike and you do not have to set aside any special time for sport. You can use it as a means of transport, think about anything at all while riding and exercise all at the same time. A footbike is not difficult to operate and it does not require any special skills, but it does provide many benefits!

Movement means life!

It is an old evolutionary truth that whatever a human does not use will atrophy. This also applies to the life of an individual. So you have to keep moving...

... for your existence and for your self-realisation in your work, social and intimate life,

... says Associate Professor Dr Tomáš Dohnal, the guarantor of the PE is Fun project.

It’s just like putting a good battery in a torch: the more charged it is, the more intensively and longer it shines.

doc. PaeDr. Tomáš Dohnal, Csc. Associate Professor Dr Tomáš Dohnal

The guarantor of the PE is Fun project

A footbike will improve your concentration and balance

A footbike provides the body with the advantage of having to alternate between the left and right legs which means that both cranial hemispheres are activated. Moreover, they have to cooperate with one another, which therefore improves brain function and one’s sense of balance. A brain that has been oxygenated through sport concentrates more quickly and for a longer time and the quality of its cognitive functions also improves. You will simply be able to think better after doing sport, in addition to being more creative and inventive.

Movement will increase your self-confidence

When you feel that your body is able to operate the machine, you will begin to believe in yourself. When you see that your body is working and that your fine motor skills and efficiency are improving, your self-confidence will rise. The more you come to realise how your physical boundaries are expanding, the surer you will feel in your everyday life.