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How to start?

How to start?

Choose from the specialists

Choose from the specialists

They say that the best footbike is the one that you are riding. First, however, you have to choose one that makes total sense 😊 Our range contains all the categories, starting from children’s footbikes and continuing on to versatile trekking, terrain, musher and racing models. Moreover, there are also several sizes and models of folding footbikes with inflatable tyres that everyone is sure to be able to choose from. We are footbike specialists – footbikes are our main and only product.

The right size is essential

The days of all footbikes being small have long since passed. Nowadays, you can choose from small footbikes for children, as well as for adults, through to large footbikes with ergonomics that have been optimised for adult riders. Small nuances can be dealt with by adjusting the height of the handlebars. And you’re off!

Compactness without compromise

Do you feel that smaller footbikes used to be more compact? No problem – large footbikes can also be compact. We offer three sizes of folding footbikes that will fit into your car boot or anywhere else. And they are just as great to ride as the non-folding versions.

Things are easy with electric assistance

A footbike with an ancillary electric drive can help you, whether it be for purely practical or health reasons. e-KOSTKA smart footbikes work in synergy with you as you push off – they provide help precisely where it is needed. You won’t get tired, but you also won’t let up.

Special use options

Do you feel at your best when you are off the paved roads and in gnarly terrain? And maybe also when you are with a strong canine companion? We have got excellent musher footbikes for you. If, on the other hand, you love asphalt, our racing models will help you reach the winners’ podium.

A Czech product, a Czech price

We design, perfect and produce KOSTKA footbikes in the Czech Republic. In addition to the footbike frames, we also produce a lot of our own components which we therefore do not have to import. We are proud of everything that Czech hands can achieve and we have Czech prices!

Push off… and go

How to ride

The bounce leg moves in the axis of travel with a rocking motion forwards and backwards. The achieved effect of the pendulum naturally prevents a sharp stamping when the bouncing foot comes into contact with the ground. The entire musculoskeletal system is in regular motion: a deep stabilization system with back and abdominal muscles is activated.

Just push off … and you’re off

Really, that’s all there is to it. Just as a footbike is a simple machine, so too is it easy to ride. Grip the handlebars tightly, place one foot on the deck and push off with the other. The rest will come to you quite naturally. And don’t forget to switch legs after pushing off several times! You know which leg hurts the most, don’t you? It’s not the one that is propelling you, but the one that is standing on the deck and has to squat every time you push off.

It can’t get any simpler

It is basically impossible to ride a footbike badly. It isn’t as demanding as running, for example, when it comes to technique; all you have to do is alternate your legs so that you don’t load only one half of your body. But that will occur automatically, because the standing leg will soon let you know that it is time to change.

With regard to the rules and the law

Footbikes are subject to the same laws as bicycles in the Czech Republic. You therefore have the same rights and responsibilities as a cyclist. The truth is, however, that it only takes a small step from a footbike and suddenly you’re a pedestrian. Even so, be sure to ride considerately.

Effective and safe braking

KOSTKA footbikes comply with the road traffic rules and as such they include effective brakes on both wheels. How do you brake effectively and safely? Use more or less equal pressure on both brakes at the same time. You also can’t go wrong, if you also move your centre of gravity further backwards.

Footbike riding with the heart of a racer

Would you like to ride more robustly? To race and match your strength with other footbike riders? You can check out the top riding technique by watching the best footbike riders or contact a footbike instructor.

The footbike above all else… but one more thing

The footbike above all else… but one more thing

You are sure to have already experienced the situation where you have chosen something (in this case, a footbike), but you just can’t rid yourself of the feeling that there’s something missing that is keeping you from perfection. You have the right size, you have chosen the correct model and, of course, you also have the nicest footbike colour. What else do you need? A stand, mudguards, a light, a flashing rear light, a water bottle and a bottle holder … in other words, accessories. Bingo! That’s exactly it. Do I need everything or can I make do with only a few things? We have some good advice for you.

Where are my mudguards?!

Even though you are partly protected in the front by the footbike’s frame, water and dirt from the back wheel will go straight into the shoe of your foot that is standing on the deck. We have mudguards for every type of footbike with no exceptions. They are fundamental accessories.

Handlebars, grips and. bar ends. And a stand is a must

You need to precisely tune your handlebars to get the most out of riding. Choose the right size and height and comfortable grips. Bar ends are also often suitable. And don’t forget the stand! Ours is light and it won’t get in your way.

Safety above all else. But not even thirst can get the better of us

All footbikes are equipped with a bell as standard. You can, however, also additionally purchase a headlight and a rear flashing light and don’t forget a lock. A water bottle always comes in handy, so be sure to also get a water bottle holder.

No matter how you use your footbike

No matter whether you just ride around your house or you go on all-day or even multiple-day trips, you will always need a small pannier on the handlebars or a pannier directly on the frame. We can kit you out for any purpose. This includes carriers and transport bags for footbikes.

Equipment for the rider

Equipment for the rider

We are approaching the end of our shopping spree – you already have a footbike, including all the necessary accessories, so now you just need something for yourself. Although… if we are talking about short routes, maybe around town or to work, you can easily do them wearing your everyday clothes and shoes. As long as you’re not wearing patent leather shoes or stiletto heels. If, however, this involves a sports or leisure time activity, it is always best to ride in sportswear. But you need not worry - you don’t need anything special.

Keyword: sportswear

Footbikes provide relatively intensive physical activity and stretching, so your clothing should be adapted to this. If you wear close-fitting clothing, it should have some stretch. If on the other hand you wear something loose, make sure that it is not overly so; you know, because of aerodynamics 😊 Simply wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Trainers, sneakers, sports shoes

It can be said that just about any sports shoes will be fine for footbike riding. The best are running shoes with a thinner sole and without any unnecessary cushioning; you don’t need it on a footbike and it will even (slightly) reduce the energy you exert when pushing off. The legendary Botas model 66 is an excellent footbiking shoe! Otherwise, however, just wear any sports shoes that are good to walk or run in.

The brand is the brand, so we represent…

A real retro-maniac rides in cotton track pants from high school, but the brand’s fans ride in footbiking jerseys made by Kostka. And if not in a jersey, then at least in a cap or a bobble hat in winter. You can find them in the e-shop.

Be visible. And wear a helmet

Never underestimate your own safety or that of the other road users. It is always advisable to be easily visible, especially during reduced visibility. Wear distinctive, colourful clothing with reflective elements. They are also necessary on a footbike. And don’t forget your helmet – keep it on your head at all times!

Gloves and glasses

Cycling gloves always come in handy, but it is also possible to do without them. However, we recommend cycling glasses for every trip. Nobody likes to be constantly picking bugs out of their eyes…

Wherever the road takes you

Wherever the road takes you

Are you unsure about where to ride a footbike? Ride wherever you need to or simply wherever you want to go. A footbike can be used as a means of transport, for example for daily travel to work or school. Or maybe to the gym; simply wherever you want to go. Or you can ride it simply for the love of doing some physical activity or you can really give yourself a workout and use it for sport. You can use it on any cycle trail, but also on roads, of course; just watch out for cars - they can be tiresome.

All paths lead the right way

The world is interwoven with an enormous variety of trails. Find your own paths that are neither dull nor full of cars. And if you run out of ideas on where to go, try the Footbike Guide project. It would be really surprising, if it didn’t manage to find a new unexplored path for you!

Combined transport

A footbike is excellent for so-called combined transport. In town, you can also use it with public transport – your footbike will always fit. You can also put it in your car and trains will also be happy to transport your footbike. You can ride back under your own steam. Or vice versa?

Not everything is asphalt or concrete

Every “regular” footbike can cope with smooth road surfaces or cycle trails, including dry forest or field tracks, without any problems. You don’t need to change to cross-country tyres for that. Just keep riding - the trail is yours!

Choose directly with us

Choose the right machine directly from us. Our configurator will recommend the most suitable footbike according to the parameters you specify.

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