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Why a footbike?

Why a footbike?

Why a footbike?

Simplicity, reliability, low maintenance

A footbike is basically just two wheels connected by a deck. Plus handlebars and brakes, naturally. You don’t need anything else. Just push off… and you’re off!
This means that a footbike is a faithful friend, always ready to ride and totally undemanding when it comes to maintenance. You will occasionally need to pump up the tyres and maybe polish the paintwork at the weekend, but otherwise that’s all.
You don’t need any special clothing or footwear. Just wear regular sports shoes or sneakers. But, if necessary, you can also ride in your “civvies”.

A footbike is for absolutely everyone

Footbikes have long since ceased to be just for children. Adults have also discovered their advantages, but they haven’t taken footbikes away from children - they have footbikes that are specially made for adults. As such, young people, older people and even elderly people can all ride. A footbike is not limited to any age group; the important thing is the feeling of freedom of movement.

Faster than walking, much less demanding than running

Walking is slow and running is not for everybody. A footbike will take you wherever you need to go without any extra exertion, you can extend your active radius and transport loads of things, such as your shopping, for example. Or the things you need for a weekend trip. At the same time, it just takes one step and you’re a pedestrian. That also comes in handy.

A means of transport and relaxation and a piece of sports equipment

You can ride around your suburb or village, because it is good to get out, if your back is hurting from sitting at a computer all day, but weekend trips with a group of footbikers are also great. You can even race … for example against world champions, of which we have several in the Czech Republic.

A footbike can go wherever the road takes you

It is at its best on a cycle trail or a road, but you can also ride over rougher terrain on a terrain footbike. How about taking your canine friend along? What a great idea! Dogs love running alongside a footbike.

Don’t lose your individuality!

Each of us is unique, nobody is the same as anybody else and we are all original. And exceptional people don’t follow the crowd. People with personality ride footbikes!

Health on two wheels

Health on two wheels

Riding a footbike involves physical activity and as such it comes with a number of health benefits. No other physical activity gives the human body such an all-over workout as riding a footbike. And it does so comprehensively and in a balanced way – footbike riding does not strengthen any one area of the body at the expense of another and it does not come with any undesirable side effects. Footbikes are natural. You are unknowingly stretching your body even during a relaxing ride spent looking at the countryside. You are exercising without even knowing it. If you pick up the pace a little, you will start building up your muscles and burning fat.

A balanced load. Your body works as a unit

A footbike will stretch your entire body – it does not give precedence to any particular area. The load is naturally distributed along the entire vertical axis of your body. The strengthening of your intrinsic muscles improves spinal stability – the posture and balance of your entire body.

Do you have backache? Ride a footbike!

Riding while standing and the regular alternation of the left and right legs for pushing off naturally forces the rider to correctly coordinate their muscles and lumbar alignment. The cushioning of any shocks with the knees reduces the transmission of any vibrations to the spine.

Do you have joint problems (and/or a weight problem)?

Riding a footbike can improve joint mobility. The fact that you are always travelling on at least one leg means that your joints are not subjected to the kind of loads that occur during running, for example. There is no jumping, so you never land with your entire weight. You just scoot along :-)

There is no seat. Because that’s healthy!

Leave sitting to the time you spend on your computer at work. Footbikes are ridden in a standing position – this provides the benefit of stretching your entire body, reducing the transmission of vibrations from the surface of travel, sparing your joints and what’s more… it helps you to push off correctly.

It will help you get fit and during rehabilitation

The undemanding natural motion that minimises the load on your joints is optimum for post-accident or post-operative rehabilitation.

The uninitiated are amazed, but the experts know… the studies have made it clear

The health benefits of footbike riding have been proven by a number of expert studies. Physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts unequivocally agree that a footbike generally improves the muscular system and muscle coordination.

Where and when should you ride?

Where and when should you ride?

That is a great question with a simple answer: always and anywhere. Footbikes do not require any special sports facilities, grounds or circuits. You can ride wherever there is a path. On cycle trails, roads and tracks. And it is not necessary to have a smooth asphalt surface; a regular footbike can also handle a dry, paved forest or field track. A terrain model can go almost anywhere.
Footbiking is not a seasonal activity; you can ride at any time. The physical activity will warm you up and the air flow will cool you back down. Temperature is relative, but the correct clothing is important :-)

Ready under all circumstances

Given that you do not need any special clothing or footwear to ride a footbike, you can get on, push off and get riding at any time. Comfortable sportswear is, of course, advantageous, but you can also ride to work in your “civvies”.

In the name of the law… the same rights for footbikes

Riding a footbike is subject to the same conditions as riding a bicycle according to the road traffic rules in the Czech Republic. You therefore have the same rights and responsibilities as a cyclist. A footbike is just as good.

It will stretch – and warm up – your entire body

A well-known saying states that: there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. It is possible to ride all year round under our climatic conditions. Only truly foul weather or the occasional snowfall are cause to stop riding your footbike :-)

Be visible. And wear a helmet

Never underestimate your own safety or that of the other road users. It is always better to be easily visible, especially during reduced visibility. Wear distinctive colourful clothing with reflective elements. They are also necessary on a footbike. And don’t forget your helmet – keep it on your head at all times!

The future of e-mobility

The future of e-mobility

When you use your own energy to ride a footbike, you are doing something that will keep you healthy. And that’s great, but sometimes we simply need to save our strength. This may be due to a physical limitation that prevents us from doing sport – but we’re not prevented from partaking in physical activity in the fresh air. Maybe you don’t want to arrive at a meeting all sweaty or you need to ride in a suit and leather shoes for a change… there can be many reasons for using the assistance of an electric motor.

Electronics with a spirit of a sports car

It is said that it is always necessary to take the first step. In our case, it is sufficient to make the first push-off. That is how you let the electronics know that it is time to ride and then the electrics will take care of the rest. However, even in the age of electricity, our footbikes have not forgotten their roots. Every subsequent push-off is like urging a horse on to trot.

A footbike and not a scooter

First it was a footbike and then we added an electric motor. All the good footbike features remain. KOSTKA e-footbikes have excellent properties and the comfort of large inflated wheels that will take you anywhere and, if necessary, also brake reliably well.

The size you need. Even in a folding version

A small footbike comes in handy, if there isn’t much room, but a bigger model is better for riding. Or maybe you prefer something in between? As you wish – we have three sizes for you. And each of them also comes in a folding variant. So you are sure to be able to choose one to meet your needs!

The 21st century in the footbiking calendar

When it comes to modern technology, we only use the best. The only cable you will find on our electric footbikes is the external charger for the battery. All the rest is wireless, and controlled via an app in your smartphone. What did we say? Just push off once and you’re off…

With friends or your dog, no matter where the trail leads you

With friends or your dog, no matter where the trail leads you

Footbiking is neither an individual nor a collective activity. Footbiking is a communal sport. A footbike attracts attention and brings like-minded people together. A footbiker never wants for friends and there will always be somebody who will go on a ride with you. And if there really is nobody about, your dog will never refuse.

The more friends you have…

Similar interests bring like-minded individuals together. The footbiking community is friendly, helpful and fun. And diverse; footbikes are ridden by women, men and children, by young, old and even the elderly. You are sure to get along with your new footbiking friends.

A dog – the footbiker’s best friend

You don’t have to leave your dog at home – take him with you on a footbike trip. A small dog that likes running will not mind the presence of your footbike. A large dog will even pull you along. That is a really wild ride! Ideally, in the forest and the fresh air.

If you like extremes, you can ride (almost) everywhere

If you are sick of asphalt or other paved tracks, get yourself a terrain footbike. The model with a raised deck, terrain tyres and disc brakes can go almost anywhere. And you can even take that large dog along, which may make things easier…