Looking for fun for the whole family? Try footbikes!

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Looking for fun for the whole family? Try footbikes!

Kids or grandkids are starting to get out on footbikes or bikes and you can't keep up with them anymore? Looking for sport and fun for you and your loved one? Do you want active family fun, but walking is boring and a bike isn't right? Maybe it's the right time to try a footbike.

Looking for fun for the whole family? Try footbikes!

Kids don't always enjoy walking, and running after them as they speed along on their self-propelled footbikes already requires decent speed and fitness. Movement is important for children and it's only right to give it to them. According to experts, it's no problem for a five-year-old to travel 5 to 10 kilometres on a bike and a slightly shorter distance on a footbike. But how can you keep up with your children while always being close to them? With a footbike, even with the biggest child athletes, you can keep up the pace just fine, and you can always be available very easily in case the kids don't guess a situation. Getting off the footbike and taking care of your little one is a matter of moments.

Thanks to its easy handling, the footbike will serve well not only parents but also grandparents who want to enjoy their time with their grandchildren actively. In addition to the fact that the children can get plenty of exercise thanks to the footbike's accompaniment, your fitness and health will also come into their own. The footbike serves parents or grandparents not only to keep pace with their children or grandchildren, but also to play sports and enjoy time together. Thanks to the development of footbike paths, there are now a plethora of options for where to go with a footbike and even paved roads are no problem. Take a look at the recommended routes, there may be some of the best ones near you.

And if your kids grow up and their sporting ambitions grow with them, you don't have to worry about not being able to keep up with them on a footbike. It's not impossible for a beginner to get more miles on a footbike.

Looking for fun for the whole family? Try footbikes!

In addition, the footbike is very easy to fold and fits into any slightly larger car, plus there are also folding models. So going on a trip together as a couple doesn't present any complicated logistical problems.

According to physiotherapist and footbike instructor Lenka Fasnerová, riding a footbike is easy and anyone can master the correct technique very quickly. She describes footbiking as "fitness on wheels", which strengthens and shapes a number of parts including the abdomen, arms and buttocks. Many people on the footbike also appreciate that it is sensitive to joints and backs.

Mgr. Lenka Fasnerová
Mgr. Lenka Fasnerová

Physiotherapist and footbike instructor

The footbiking is based on walking, it is a very natural movement where the legs move on an axis and virtually the whole body is strengthened. Among my clients there are, for example, seniors or people with obesity and thanks to the footbike I can move them in a way that corresponds to their capabilities

... doplňuje Mrg. Lenka Fasnerová, physiotherapist and footbike instructor

The advantage of the footbike is also its significantly lower price compared to a bicycle, quality models can be purchased for about seven thousand crowns and you do not need any additional expensive equipment. Starting with a footbike will definitely not break the family budget. The best way to help you make the right choice is with a selection guide.

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