This guide will make your selection of the footbike easier. We designed a special configurator, which will filter the footbikes and display the best models according to suitable parameters. On the other hand, please be aware that these are only general guidelines. We recommend you to visit one of our shops before you purchase anything - because the test of the particular models and the feel of the ride will move you in the right direction. Moreover, the specialized shops will provide you with an expert advice.

It’s very important to find answers to these questions before selecting a footbike.

Who is the footbike meant for?
for kids, pro adults, for rides with a dog, for racing

What purpose should be the footbike used for? What activity will prevail?
city rides, shorter or longer trips on both asphalt or unpaved roads, steep terrain rides (downhill) etc.

Rider weight: up to 100 kg, up to 150 kg, more than 150 kg.
Rider height: up to 190 cm, more than 190 cm.

Before showing the selection examples, we introduce all the footbike models one by one.


A footbike can be classified into these following models:


The model Run isn’t actually a footbike but rather a balance bike for the youngest kids (who are at least 18 months old and 85 cm tall). It can be used for balance training. We only produce the high-quality metal balance bikes with inflatable tires and perfect components. You can choose between two types of this balance bike - the cheaper RUN FUN or the high-quality RUN MAX. The model RUN FUN is made from standard components. The brand-new RUN MAX with a new frame design and special components gives your kids the best riding experience. Although it’s a little more expensive, we recommend to give it some serious thought. The balance bike is not a “one-use” model - when your kid grows up, you can sell it to others!

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Very light street footbike model with a 16” front wheel and a 12” rear wheel. Kids edition is also available (even for the youngest). Rebel is a perfect Last-Mile-Transport in cities and therefore it should become a regular part of your car's equipment. Premium footbike for kids - designed and made without skimping on anything. Your children will love their first unforgettable footbiking experience!

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Footbike with 16” wheels, designed for shorter trips and for travelling through the city traffic. Both adult and kids models are available!

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Small city footbike with front and rear 16” wheels. Perfect for trips and city rides. The footbike has been designed for quick direction change.

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The only footbike model with fixed rear mudguard and integrated tail light. We recommend to use this model if you plan to ride just for occasional and shorter trips.


Perfect model for the whole family. Designed both for adults and for kids - especially for shorter trips or just for fun. Available in child’s version too: HILL MAX KID with lowered handlebars (for kids about 110 cm). You can switch the handlebars later for a higher one and you get the adult footbike with weight capacity up to 150 kg.

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Middle-height model with 20” wheels. This footbike has been designed especially for outdoor trips, whether on asphalt or unpaved roads. This model is popular among women as an alternative to the model TOUR. But men will appreciate it as well. You can attach a child seat to the footbike.

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The most popular model of the adult tourist footbike. It’s equipped with 26” front wheel and 20” rear wheel. Fits perfectly for all types of roads, whether paved or unpaved. You can choose among more types of equipment - the most popular variant is the type TOUR MAX.

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The model TRIP is the best choice, if you plan to set off on a big journey, e.g. a two or three-days trip. It’s newly equipped with 28” front wheel and 24” rear wheel. It’s tourist footbike, perfect for experienced footbikers.

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Once you push off on this adult tourist footbike for the first time, its perfect driveability will make it a part of your body (and soul) instantly. You will get to like the footbike. The KOSTKA TRAVEL concept is based on the most popular KOSTKA TOUR, but we have completely redesigned the steering geometry, fitted a larger front wheel (28") and improved the main frame tube geometry.

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As name suggests, the Mushing series is meant for footbiking with the dog together - one or more dogs can pull the footbike. These footbikes are made in various combinations - they are equipped either with sprung or fixed front fork or with disc or V-brakes. They can be used both by beginning or experienced mushers or even in races.

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This footbike has been designed for those who take mushing seriously. The model MUSHING RACER is equipped with 27,5” front wheel and 24” rear wheel, which provides the best driveability. The frame is reinforced with special elements and the narrowed deck makes pushing easier.

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The road is the element of this footbike. The racer has been made to win the races and break the records. Racing and sports model. It’s newly equipped with 28” front wheel and 24” rear wheel.

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A monstrous footbike with 4” fat tires, special hub with a 12mm solid axle, reinforced frame and a sturdy rear construction and a broad deck. Perfect model for downhill racing, dog walking and experiments on unpaved terrain.

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Footbike on huge 4" fat tires. This model is more controllable apart from its bigger brother MONSTER. Raptor is destined for downhill, mushing and pure adrenaline on any type of surface. It is also suitable for lower figures or mushers juniors.

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Equipment lines

The footbikes can be divided according to various equipment lines. Let’s introduce the five basic lines which define the equipment level.


Equipment line for beginners who plan to ride only occasionally and don’t want to invest too much money in their new footbike. The footbike is fitted with components common in the cycling industry.

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MAX is a middle-class rank for the vast majority of people for everyday training or for hiking. It consists only of the high-quality components Kostka, designed exclusively for footbiking. This equipment is good value for money and thus it's the most favourite and the most sold one.

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STAR is an upper-middle-class rank with refined details - designed for very demanding users. The high-quality components Kostka and the unique design form together a perfect unit - an excellent combination of efficiency and design.

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No restrictions, no compromises - for cases when V-brakes are not enough. Models for the most demanding footbikers. You'll get a perfect footbike, equipped with high quality components and hydraulic disc brakes. We did our best in every regard, worked out every small detail. Free colour change included.

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CTI will help you to become Number One. We found out that carbon and titanium complement each other perfectly. Thus, we used various carbon fibres with diverse mechanical quality, which allowed us to create a perfectly solid and resistant front fork and frame. Titanium plates protect the deck from all collisions and scratches.

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Additional equipment lines


The kids were the first concern, so they shouldn’t be ignored. This special line KID is meant for the youngest ones. You can rely on high-quality frame design and low weight. This footbike can be carried even for next generations.

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Additional dog walking equipment - whether on asphalt or unpaved roads. It includes terrain tires, spacing ring (allows to rise up the deck ground clearance), spring and a dog leash. Feel free to go for an adventure together with your dog friend.

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Do you need to fold up the footbike? No problem! This additional equipment includes a special folding system allowing you to fold up your footbike easily. It takes just a few seconds and you can deposit your footbike at home or you can carry it while travelling by car or public transport.

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The XXL has been designed for very strong men and tough women. Weight capacity up to 200 Kg! Both the frame and the front fork have been specially reinforced, there are more wire spokes on the wheels and the rims can bear more weight. And the hydraulic V-brakes will never leave you in the lurch. All these things are a part of the XXL equipment.

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Additional equipment for all handicapped people. It includes a seat, front carrier and a staff holder. The footbike changes to an adult balance bike, which make movement easier. The carrier is fastened with the Klickfix system, which makes it easy to unmount.

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Typical examples of footbike requirements:

I need a balance bike for my child.

It’s about money. The basic model is the balance bike RUN FUN with general velo-components. The more expensive model is the high-quality balance bike RUN MAX.

I need a footbike for a child up to 130 cm

We recommend the new model REBEL MAX KID. The cheaper variant of that model is STREET FUN KID.

I need a footbike for a child above 130 cm

We recommend the footbike HILL MAX KID. It can be used by older users after the handlebars are replaced.

I need to transport a child on the footbike

The best model for riding with a kid is the footbike TWENTY with a child seat BOBIKE.

I need a compact footbike for travelling through a city

For city traffic we recommend the footbike RUBIK. Or the brand-new REBEL MAX FOLD. These footbikes are equipped with a folding system allowing an easy transport.

For women

Women will appreciate the model TWENTY and TOUR. Especially TWENTY is quick and easy to drive. The most popular models are the MAX version.

For men

Men prefer the model TOUR, TRIP or TRAVEL. They are stable and has a low rolling resistance. Moreover, even the taller persons can ride it well. The most popular models are in the MAX version.

I need a footbike for dog walking

If you want to go for walkies, you can appreciate the model TOUR MAX DOG or TWENTY MAX DOG. To allow a better transport options, these models are made in foldable variant (FOLD) too.

I need a footbike for mushing

The most popular mushing footbike is the model MUSHING MAX with a sprung front fork. If you are looking for a racing footbike, we recommend to think about the models MUSHING RACER MAX or MUSHING RACER PRO. Or, in some cases, you may have a use for the model MONSTER or RAPTOR (equipped with fat tires).

I need just a road or racing footbike

The most preferred road model is the footbike RACER PRO.

I’m taller than 190 cm

If you are taller than 190 cm and you are totally unexperienced in footbiking, we recommend you to consult your dealer about the possibility of the handlebars position. There are more possibilities how to elevate the handlebars. But the handlebars elevation is not always the best solution, so it’s better to visit the specialized shop and perform a test on your own. For the tallest of you we recommend footbike TRIP MAX or TRAVEL.

What wheel size should I pick?

This is a frequently asked question which hasn’t got a clear answer. Let’s compare this to Alpine skiing. If I want to do “short carving”, then I pick the footbike with smaller wheels (STREET, HILL...). If I want to do “medium carving”, I pick the footbike TWENTY. And if I want to do “long carving”, I choose the footbike with large wheels. (TOUR, TRIP...). It’s up to your personal preferences - some people prefer small wheels and another people prefer large wheels. So it’s important to take a look at the models and try them out on your own. Footbiking is a lifestyle after all and it can change as the time goes. After you’ve travelled more trips you can change your opinion and preferences and pick up a more suitable model for you. Or perhaps more than one?

Footbike classification according to wheel size

ModelWheels size (inches)
RUN (balance bike) 12/12
Rebel 16/12
Street 16/16
Rubik 16/16
Uni 20/12
Hill 20/16
Twenty 20/20
Raptor 20/20
Tour 26/20
Mushing 26/20
Monster 26/20
Mushing Racer 27,5/24
Travel 28/20
Trip 28/24
Racer 28/24

Are you still undecided? Check out all of our authorised dealers in your neighbourhood and pick the right one for you!

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