To provide you with the best experience and to tailor our services to your needs, it is important that we understand your preferences and how you use our site. This requires us to obtain your consent to certain data processing, including the collection of information to enable us to improve our services and offer you content tailored to your interests. Respecting your privacy is a priority for us and we are committed to processing your data transparently, securely and in accordance with the law. You always have control over the consent you give and can change your settings at any time. Your cooperation helps us to keep our environment safe and friendly for all users.
In order for our website to run smoothly and securely, it is essential to collect and process certain technical data. This information not only ensures that our website is compatible with different devices and browsers, but also helps to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Technical data, such as browser types, operating systems, and other similar information, allows us to diagnose and address potential problems that could affect your browsing experience on our site and ensure that your interactions with our site are as pleasant as possible. This processing is necessary for the basic functioning of our site and therefore it is not possible to disable this functionality without affecting your ability to access and use our site.
When you visit our site, your interactions provide us with valuable information that we can analyze and use to improve your user experience. This statistical data collection process allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how our site is used, what features and content attract the most attention, and how we can further tailor our services to your needs. With this information, we can identify trends, improve site layout and navigation, and make our site more intuitive and accessible. Our efforts to improve based on this data is an ongoing process to provide you, our users, with the best possible online experience.
Our marketing strategies are designed to bring you information about products and services that are most relevant and appealing to you, based on your past interactions with our site. This targeting and personalization of ads on external platforms, such as social media and search engines, allows us to present you with offers that match your real interests. This means that instead of generic ads that might not be relevant to you, you can discover products and services that actually deliver value to you. This approach increases the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns while improving your online experience. However, you have full control over whether you allow this type of processing and you can change or withdraw your consent at any time.

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