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  • FUN
    Equipment line for beginners who plan to ride only occasionally and don’t want to invest too much money in their new footbike. The footbike is fitted with components common in the cycling industry.
  • KID
    Kids, that is the point, where it all started, and we should not forget on them. We brought you the special KID series, which is intended especially for the youngest ones. Pimped geometry, low weight, high quality. Footbikes for kids, which will be inherited for generatios.
  • MAX
    MAX is a middle-class rank for the vast majority of people for everyday training or for hiking. It consists only of the high-quality components Kostka, designed exclusively for footbiking. This equipment is good value for money and thus it's the most favourite and the most sold one.
  • STAR
    STAR is an upper-middle-class rank with refined details - designed for very demanding users. The high-quality components Kostka and the unique design form together a perfect unit - an excellent combination of efficiency and design.
  • PRO
    No restrictions, no compromises - for cases when V-brakes are not enough. Models for the most demanding footbikers. You'll get a perfect footbike, equipped with high quality components and hydraulic disc brakes. We did our best in every regard, worked out every small detail. Free colour change included.
  • CTI
    CTI will help you to become Number One. We found out that carbon and titanium complement each other perfectly. Thus, we used various carbon fibres with diverse mechanical quality, which allowed us to create a perfectly solid and resistant front fork and frame. Titanium plates protect the deck from all collisions and scratches.
  • DOG
    Additional dog walking equipment - whether on asphalt or unpaved roads. It includes terrain tires, spacing ring (allows to rise up the deck ground clearance), spring and a dog leash. Feel free to go for an adventure together with your dog friend.
  • FOLD
    Do you need to fold up the footbike? No problem! This additional equipment includes a special folding system allowing you to fold up your footbike easily. It takes just a few seconds and you can deposit your footbike at home or you can carry it while travelling by car or public transport.
  • XXL
    The XXL has been designed for very strong men and tough women. Weight capacity up to 200 Kg! Both the frame and the front fork have been specially reinforced, there are more wire spokes on the wheels and the rims can bear more weight. And the hydraulic V-brakes will never leave you in the lurch. All these things are a part of the XXL equipment.
  • Limited Edition
    Are standart models not enough for you? Did you need something extra? Something that just can not be seen? Limited edition are made in unusual color combinations, with which you will shine on each of your paths!
  • e-KOSTKA

    e-KOSTKA logo

    This is a smart e-footbike produced in Czech Republic. You can travel so easily and so lightly as you have never experienced before. The system is based on sensors which are located in footbike’s hub. These sensors record people’s motion activity and respond to all your impulses. Whether you want to ride faster or slower, the footbike adapts to all what you need - you will experience the feeling of synergy and enjoy the swiftness and ease of motion.


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