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Footbike offers plenty of business opportunities. Nothing complicated, it's actually just two wheels connected by a footboard. Plus handlebars and brakes, that makes sense. Nothing else is needed. Just push off! This makes footbike a loyal friend, ready to ride at any time, totally low maintenance.


Retail store

Do you own a brick-and-mortar store and are thinking about expanding your product range? Offer your customers something new and unusual! Join the cycle together with other retailers around the world.



Rental point

Do you own a property near bike paths or another interesting location? The rental can be, for example, mountain, downhill, or around various bike paths. Our wide range of footbikes doesn't shy away from any terrain or use.



Offer your clients the experience of riding a footbike under the guidance of experienced and trained instructors - you! Our training courses accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science are held regularly every year.



Footbike sharing

Shared vehicles are a phenomenon of the times, not only in big cities. Footbikes are no exception. In the Czech Republic, we even offer a footbike sharing solution, i.e. a shared scooter programme.

Rentals at lakes and campsites

Campsites and lakes are popular destinations for many tourists and visitors, whether on holiday or just for a short weekend break. With the abundance of hiking and biking trails available, these areas are great for implementing footbike rentals.

Tips for footbikes tours:

  • - evening rides around the campsite and its surroundings
  • - exploring the surrounding area of the campsite and adjacent villages
  • - trips to interesting places in the area
  • - using the existing network of cycle paths and cycle lanes
  • - trips for schools and special interest groups

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Mountain rentals

Mountain downhill on a footbike is an unusual summer adrenaline experience for all visitors of large mountain complexes and ski resorts. Uphill on foot or by cable car. And down on a footbike, it's a ride! In the case of a hiking trip up the hill, there's nothing better than finishing this honest hike with an adrenaline-pumping footbike ride back down to the heart of the resort.

Tips for using footbikes:

  • - uphill by cable car, downhill by footbike
  • - hike up to the finish point where the footbikes are waiting ready for the downhill
  • - ride down the slopes and hiking trails along with visiting places of interest

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Riding a footbike is not just about adrenaline or riding around cultural sights and beautiful places. Riding a footbike is a physical activity, and as such it brings with it major health benefits. There is hardly any other physical activity that has such a comprehensive effect on the human body as footbiking. That is why the organised associations KOSTKA Active have been formed.

Join our program and become trained professional for footbike riding and its technique. Organize corporate events, evening rides, project days for schools, individual rides, lessons as a gift for your customers or rent footbikes with an hour-long demonstration of riding and proper technique. All this under the auspices of KOSTKA Active.

Tips for using footbikes:

  • - corporate events, teambuilding
  • - footbike rental with expert commentary & practical demonstration of riding technique
  • - regular rides with the possibility of renting a footbike
  • - fitness rides, performance training

Footbikes and electromobility

When you expend your own energy to ride a footbike, you are doing something for your health. Which is great, but sometimes you just have to save yourself. The reason may be, for example, health limitations that don't allow us to play sports as much as we would like. Take advantage of the easy exercise in the fresh air and naturally boost your own immunity! There are more reasons to take advantage of electric footbike assistance, especially during the boom in urban mobility - arrive for a meeting in a suit, leather shoes, yet elegantly on a footbike and not sweat.

The e-KOSTKA is equipped with innovative rebound assistance technology that makes it easier and less tiring to ride. The system is configured in a riding mode called "PEDELEC" (PEDal ELEctric Cycle), which complies with the European Union legislation on Electric Pedal Assisted biCycle (EPAC, standard EN 15194+A1).

Advantages of KOSTKA e-footbikes:

  • - No cables.
  • - No need for registration and insurance.
  • - Control via mobile app.
  • - Recuperation and fast charging.
  • - Meets EU legislation on electric assisted bicycles.

Footbike sharing

Footbike sharing is a system of renting footbikes - you can rent a footbike at one location and return it conveniently at another location. The most common use of footbikes is to rent footbikes in the city for transport over a short distance and for a short period of time. A similar use is in tourism (regional tourism).

The aim is to bring to the residents and visitors of the city, the possibility to conveniently use an environmentally friendly means of transport to travel to work or for entertainment, but also to bring entertainment or sports activities themselves.

The developed modular system allows to place any number of footbike racks on the footbike station (stop). No structural modifications are needed in the area of the station to create such a footbike station.




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