You ought to dress properly for a footbike ride. It’s important mainly for longer trips. In this case, we don’t speak about appearance (although it has some meaning as well). It’s true that you can look good even while doing sports. But a footbike clothing should be primarily secure and safe.

Knee compression socks, T-shirts and caps

Knee compression socks with a perfect anatomic shape for both legs are suitable for other sports as cycling, running, football, roller-skating etc. They provide correct blood flow towards the heart because the compression spreads equally through the socks. They support the blood perfusion in tissues, which improves your performance. And besides, they are made from high-quality materials with an anti-bacterial treatment which helps to maintain the body temperature and absorb the sweat from the feet. It helps to prevent mildew or eczemas.

The T-shirts and other clothing made of highly-functional textile, too, provide comfortable wearing and free motion, as the gloves will protect you against cold or potential scrape damage. The helmets can be found among safety equipment.

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