Dog harnesses and collars

The basic needs for dogs in conjunction with a footbike definitely include a collar and harness. Far from serving only as accessories, they can also be used for training. Read on to find out what parameters to look for when choosing one.

A dog collar must be the right length - use a simple rule of thumb to determine this

The basic rule of thumb is that you should be able to extend two fingers (index and middle finger) without any problems when the collar is on. This is the only way to be sure that nothing is restricting the dog's breathing. This rule applies to any dog collar regardless of the material.

- When measuring the circumference of your pet's neck, expect the overall length of the collar to be slightly longer.
- For small dogs, add 3 cm to the measured length.
- Medium and large breeds will need 5-7 cm extra.

Dog collars must be wide enough - the size of the breed plays a role

Wondering how wide dog collars can be? The range is really varied and we recommend that you take the size of the breed into account when choosing. The bigger the dog is, the wider and stronger the collar you should get him. The specific breed also plays a role - for example, a wide collar for a greyhound or Stafford is typical.

- For small breeds, a narrower and lighter collar with a width of 1-2 cm is suitable,
- For medium and large breeds, dog collars that are at least 3 cm wide are ideal.

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