After many years of the footbike research the KOSTKA company has designed almost ideal frame design for every active footbiker. Our footbikes have optimized rider space, ergonomic deck and a resistant and fine construction - a proud high-quality product of our workshop.

To produce the frame, we use a high tenacity structural steel. Compared to the aluminium alloys, the steel has better properties, such as three-times larger elastic modulus. Another great advantage is the resistance against material fatigue and vibration damping. This material's special properties allowed us to lower the deck's height, thus reducing the rider's fatigue during the ride.

The stainless adhesive elements on the upper side of the deck prolong the deck lifespan and it improves effect the slip-resistant elements. This unique technical solution protects the rider and it prevents the unwanted slipping of the standing leg. In order to increase the rider’s safety, we designed special embedded rear wheel tail, which prevents the ankle from touching the axle.

In addition, we designed a new solution in order to make the solid, resistant and long-lasting frame: We constructed the front side of the frame, placed between the deck and the main frame profile. This place was furnished with a special reinforcement, which makes the frame tougher and more solid and prevents the deck’s edge from to be hit by uneven terrain. The stiffener is followed with a special welding on the lower side of the deck, improving its resistance and toughness. And of course, every footbike KOSTKA has a hole in the frame for fastening the stand.

The “drop-shaped” main frame profile is very aerodynamic - so it was designed and now it’s an integral part of our footbikes’ typical appearance. In case of the Mushing footbike series, the main frame tube is reinforced with a welding. In case of the Monster series, an additional stiffener is added to the welding, making the construction very tough.

Some frames can be strained very much - these are reinforced with a special stiffener on the lower side of the deck.

G5 Frame

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