Footbike Accessories


Adapters (18)

You can use various adapters in order to make the footbike ride pleasant. The adapters are used for diverse purposes. They are not necessary...
Safety equipment

Safety equipment (16)

Whether on a bike or a footbikes , safety.  Especially if you move quickly and you have a  dog on leash  or even carry a child. So don’t...

Fenders (38)

The mudguards aren’t obligatory. However, if you sometimes count on riding in or after rain, they become a very useful accessory. Furthermore,...
Bikepacking gear / bags / pouches

Bikepacking gear /... (34)

Do you ride your footbike for major shopping? Do you take longer, full-day or multi-day trips for which you need to be properly equipped? Then you...
Cycle Computers

Cycle Computers (5)

An elegant cycle computer is a perfect augmentation for the footbikes KOSTKA . If you want to have your journey under control, this small...
Bottle Cages & Bottles

Bottle Cages & Bottles (12)

It’s important to drink properly during every condition, especially during sports. So it’s appropriate to have something to drink at hand on...

Tools (10)

The main goal is reaching the finish without any problem - or being able to solve every trouble during your ride. That is the most presumable wish...
Carriers and baskets

Carriers and baskets (5)

Basket for comfortable loading and transporting your shoppings home, carrier for footbike luggage, front carrier, rear carrier. And all this for a...

Clothing (51)

You ought to dress properly for a footbike ride. It’s important mainly for longer trips. In this case, we don’t speak about appearance...

Other (18)

Fenders , baskets , lights , locks and lots of other stuff – all these products are sorted in special categories in our e-shop. Didn’t you...
For Dogs

For Dogs (17)

We offer various accessories not only for footbikers but also for their dogs. If you plan to walk the dog during a footbike ride , you need...

Packets (4)

Add-on kits, or packs if you prefer, developed specifically for footbikes. Enhance your footbike with original accessories typical for KOSTKA...

Pumps (7)

Don’t leave anything to chance and always have a footbike pump at hand. The footbike tires inflate just as bicycle tires, so footbike pump is...
Bar Ends

Bar Ends (4)

Customize your footbike KOSTKA with extra accessories, e.g. horn grips . These are more comfortable than having the hands on the handlebars...

Saddles (6)

A seat isn’t a common footbike part but the footbike , which is equipped with it, can be used as a physiotherapic aid , especially for older...
Stands and Mounts

Stands and Mounts (7)

There are two basic types of footbike stands - both were made for different purposes. You can either use one stand type for securing the...

Lights (12)

Let there be light! Always, day and night. It’s important not only to see but also to be seen. You can select one of the various footbike lights...

Locks (4)

Unfortunately, thieves live among us. Don’t give ruffians a chance. Although you may leave your footbike KOSTKA just for a second, e.g. in front...

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