Are you an avid footbiker and lack proper socks? This is your sign that you should definitely get them. These are not just a nice addition to your footbike wardrobe, but more importantly a tool for more comfort and performance.

Sports socks for more comfort

The right socks will definitely add to your comfort when you're back pedaling away on your untamed machine. At the same time, they are a very stylish accessory that fits perfectly into your overall aesthetic. Good socks should be breathable and wick away sweat well.

- Socks wick sweat well.
- Socks also serve to prevent swelling and chafing.
- Socks provide thermal comfort during the cold months.

What qualities should definitely sport socks have:

Quality sports socks not only wick away sweat, but they can also enhance your performance. They should have flat seams that prevent chafing or blisters. Some socks also have reinforced zones in the areas where the foot is in the most heat. Others have an antibacterial component to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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