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What is the height of the KOSTKA footbike handlebars and what are the height adjustment options?

Is it possible to additionally install a stand to the footbike?

What kind of mudguard should I use on the footbike?

Is it possible to attach a child seat on the KOSTKA footbike?

Can footbikes be carried on a roof rack or tow-bar?

How to inflate the rear 12” wheel with dense wire spokes?

How to inflate the wheels correctly?

What conditions allow the structural changes of the footbike?

How can I pay in your e-shop?

What is the ground clearance of the footbike?

How long is the deck?

In what condition is the footbike shipped?

What is the weight of the packed footbikes and the footbikes themselves?

How should I choose the right footbike?

What is the weight capacity of the footbike?

How can I increase the ground clearance of the footbike deck?

How should I treat the lower part of the footbike frame against corrosion?

Can I choose my own footbike colour?

Why is the deck ground clearance of the street footbikes so low?

Where is the footbike Kostka produced?

Can we attach a trailer to a footbike?

How can I attach lights to the footbike?

What traffic regulations apply to footbike riding?

Can you ride a footbike in the winter?

Where can I buy a retouching colour for a footbike?

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