Morxes footbikes belong to the category of currently most popular large footbikes for adults. In addition to the high stiffness, they excel with a perfectly adjusted geometry for touring and sports riding and ergonomics optimized for adult footbikes. When you add to this the unique design and exceptional construction material, you get a truly premium brand with high utility value.


In addition to the typical design, the high stiffness of the frame/front fork set is also a characteristic feature of Morxes due to the construction material used. All this while keeping the weight of the footbike low.


CrMo stands for chrome-molybdenum steel, which has a higher strength compared to conventional structural steel, making it possible to design a very strong and rigid footbike frame without increasing its weight. And CrMo steel is the main construction material of Morxes footbikes.


However, this is not a given. CrMo steel is also much more difficult to machine due to its properties. It therefore requires the most advanced technology to produce it. However, the frames of Morxes footbikes are hand-welded for their unmistakable design - a beautiful example of what is called "handmade" in the best sense of the word. However, important components of Morxes footbikes are also created in Kostka's production workshops - for example the wheels on custom hubs, precisely woven on an automatic line.

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