Rear fenders

The mudguards aren’t obligatory. However, if you sometimes count on riding in or after rain, they become a very useful accessory. Furthermore, they complete the footbike design design on the whole. If you set out for a longer trip and you need more footbike bags, you should know that some have to be attached to the mudguard, so it’s necessary to have them.

Footbike mudguards must match the diameter of your bike

The mudguards on your footbike must match the diameter of your bike to fit properly. Children's footbikes tend to be less than 20 inches, while the largest ones are 28 inches. We try to label the mudguards to make it as easy as possible for you to choose.

If you're stuck for choice, take a look at our clever fender chart where you'll be able to choose the right fender for your footbike in relation to your model.

Fender table

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