The main goal is reaching the finish without any problem - or being able to solve every trouble during your ride. That is the most presumable wish of every footbiker! Don’t leave anything to chance on your footbike ride, don’t forget to take some tools which help you to fix minor malfunctions on your way. Everyone can make do this but you can ask for help a willing traveller. And soon, you will be able to continue your journey.

Quick repair in terrain

Sometimes you cannot avoid an accident, e.g. having a puncture can occur at any time. Loosed screws on a wild tour aren’t unusual occurrence! Worse events may occur as well but let’s not talk about them because we don’t want to summon them. So, get equipped with some wrenches, hex keys and screwdrivers, and puncture repair kit. With this equipment, you can do “first aid” if something happens to your footbike. Move your equipment to the bag you can attach to the footbike, so that it won’t bother you.

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