A footbike helmet is a basic piece of equipment for every footbike rider. It is legally compulsory for children under 18. And adults shouldn't underestimate its importance either. A helmet will protect you from serious head injuries. 

Why is a footbike helmet essential equipment for every scooterist?

You may be thinking that a footbike helmet is unnecessary. After all, you ride carefully or only occasionally. You honestly buy helmets for your kids, but you don't think much of yourself. Yet a helmet has a number of advantages that even its die-hard detractors appreciate. You should get a helmet for the following reasons:

- It has a protective function. Wearing a bicycle helmet can prevent serious brain injury and even a fatal accident.

- All bicycle helmets sold in the Czech Republic must meet the ČSN EN 1087 standard.

- Large selection of different types, brands and sizes of bicycle helmets. They may also have a number of innovative features.

- The price range of helmets varies from a few hundred to several thousand crowns. There is a choice for everyone.

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