Foldable Footbike KOSTKA TOUR MAX FOLD (G6)

Foldable Footbike KOSTKA TOUR MAX FOLD (G6)

The non-folding version of the Kostka Tour Max is our best-selling touring footbike for adults. Now, we also offer this footbike in a folding version. Naturally, the folding version does not make any compromises. It is the same old “Tour” model with all its great features, but now with the added bonus of being foldable.

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KOSTKA footbikes and accessories are products manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic.

G6 - The new perspective

The non-folding version of the Kostka Tour Max is our best-selling touring footbike for adults. Its sixth generation (G6) is the result of years of development, throughout which we have constantly worked to bring you the very best model possible. A footbike that allows you to view the countryside at a touring tempo or to put recreational cyclists to shame whenever you decide to get the most out of it. A footbike that is at home on smooth asphalt, but will also not be stopped by any field or forest tracks. In short, a universal model for a comfortable ride.


Now, we also offer this footbike in a folding version. Naturally, the folding version does not make any compromises. It is the same old “Tour” model with all its great features, but now with the added bonus of being foldable.

Why make a large footbike in a folding version?

A large model admittedly does not become “pocket-sized” after it has been folded, like the smaller models do, but the point of folding it is different. You will save a lot of room by folding a large footbike. And what’s more, you will render the footbike “flat”. It is often sufficient to only carry out the first of the two steps; to fold the handlebars by turning them along the frame by 90 degrees. The footbike will therefore not get in the way when leant against the wall of a narrow corridor and your fellow passengers will not even be aware of it when you take it on public transport.

Why make a large footbike in a folding version?

If you also fold the frame, the entire footbike reduces in size to approximately one square metre. A flat square metre than will fit into the boot of every car. Or next to your desk at the office or next to the shoe rack in a small flat. Because you really do not want to park this beauty in the communal bike room. No, you don’t have to drag it up the stairs - the folded Kostka Tour Max Fold will fit into any lift.

Why make a large footbike in a folding version?

And if you cannot squeeze even the folded footbike into a small space, simply remove the rear wheel. The folding process, including the removal of the rear wheel, is very quick and does not require the use of any tools. It all takes less than a minute. And what if the footbike is a little dirty? We also offer a practical carry bag.

Folding systems -KOSTKA TOUR MAX FOLD (G6)

The footbike philosophy

The very foundation of the footbike is the frame that is made with geometry optimised for an adult footbike rider(from a height of 160 cm) using the latest computer-controlled technology in our factory in North Moravia. Thanks to this, the Kostka Tour Max Fold has excellent handling, while at the same time holding its line perfectly during rapid descents. You don’t have to worry about its load-bearing capability - we guarantee loads of up to 150 kg.

The footbike philosophy

The deck is at the right height above the terrain (5 cm) to enable it to avoid any small bumps, but at the same time it does not force the rider to squat unnecessarily when pushing off. Because squatting is painful. The stainless steel components at the edges of the deck will reliably grip your footwear. The newly designed heel guard made of light aluminium alloy at the end of the deck mean that you can slightly raise the heel of your standing leg – typically when riding over curbs.


No matter whether you have a taller or wider figure, you can adjust the height of the Kostka FBH 680-50 Al Wings handlebars, which we have designed according to the specific requirements of footbike riders, within an interval of 5 cm. If this interval is insufficient for you, these handlebars also come in a taller version. The telescopic stem, also a product of our design and production workshop, enables the quick mounting of any accessories, no matter whether this involves carrying bags, a holder for a dog’s lead or anything else.

Handlebars - KOSTKA TOUR MAX FOLD (G6)

Let the wheels turn!

Big wheels turn more easily - every footbike rider knows that. But not all wheels are the same. The attention that we pay to our wheels starts at the hubs. Have you ever caught your ankle on a footbike’s rear fork when pushing off? We know how painful this is and we have therefore developed narrow hubs (65 mm) in order to enable us to reduce the width of the rear frame to just 110 mm. The footbike’s frame therefore has the same width along the deck and all the way to the very end. The wheels have to turn easily and we therefore use maintenance-free Japanese industrial bearings in our hubs.

Let the wheels turn!

The light radial spokes and the double-wall rims are in line with the load-bearing capacity of the footbike’s frame and the wheels are fitted with tried-and-tested universal Schwalbe Marathon trekking tyres that are without competition in their category. The rubber mixture of the finely patterned tread will grip on both asphalt and unpaved tracks. The “Marathons” can be pumped up to a high pressure, so they have a low rolling resistance and will never slow you down. At the same time, they are equipped with enhanced puncture protection, which you will appreciate, for example on gravel tracks. In addition, the tyres have a reflective strip on the sides as a further passive safety element.

Let the wheels turn!

Safe all the way

The Kostka Tour Max Fold footbike also includes a number of other reflective elements. The bar ends on the handlebars include reflective stickers, as do the ends of the forks at the back. The base of the stainless steel logo on the footbike’s head tube is also reflective. It is important to be seen! And sometimes also to be heard … the basic equipment also includes a bell, of course.

Safe all the way

Experienced footbike riders admittedly like to claim that whoever brakes loses, but we disagree and as such we have equipped the folding Tour model with a pair of high-quality Shimano V-brakes in line with the road traffic regulations. You will be able to stop reliably, whenever you need to. Otherwise, you can push yourself along for as long as your strength holds!

Are you missing anything?

You can immediately set off on your new Kostka Tour Max Fold as soon as you unpack it, but… you may also need some accessories. For example, a stand will come in handy; after all, you don’t want to lay your footbike on the ground during any refreshment breaks. You are also sure to appreciate mudguards during bad weather – we highly recommend at least a rear mudguard. And there is much more available; variously sized carrying bags, carriers, lights… choose what you need and then ride. It’s great!

Made in CZECH

Weight: 10,1 Kg
Frame load capacity: 150 kg
Length: 1740 mm
Height: 1000 mm
Footboard clearance: 50 mm
Footboard Length: 440 mm
Wheelbase: 1170 mm
Front wheel size: 26"
Rear wheel size: 20"
Handlebar width: 680 mm
Height (folded /w rear wheel): 980 mm
Length (folded /w rear wheel): 1260 mm
Height (folded w/o rear wheel): 980 mm
Length (folded w/o rear wheel): 1040 mm
Width (folded): 130 mm
Front fork: Rigid 20" - 65 mm
Stem: KOSTKA FL 2822 S
Handlebars: KOSTKA FBH Wings 680-50 Al
Brakes: Shimano 4000
Handlebar Grips: Hardened foam - locking
Headset: A-Head
Hubs: KOSTKA HK 6524 RS
Bearings (Hubs): Industrial
Rims: Double wall - DRAGON
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon
Tubes: Auto
Spokes: Stainless steel
Caps: Plastic reflex


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