E-footbike KOSTKA e-TWENTY MAX (E3)

E-footbike KOSTKA e-TWENTY MAX (E3)

This is a smart e-footbike produced in Czech Republic. You can travel so easily and so lightly as you have never experienced before. The system is based on sensors which are located in footbike’s hub. These sensors record people’s motion activity and respond to all your impulses. Whether you want to ride faster or slower, the footbike adapts to all what you need - you will experience the feeling of synergy and enjoy the swiftness and ease of motion.

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KOSTKA footbikes and accessories are products manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic.

Stand included in price.

Orders will be processed according to the order of their acceptance.

Úvodní fotka - KOSTKA e-TWENTY MAX (E3)

The manual and tips for KOSTKA e-footbikes

This is a smart e-footbike produced in Czech Republic. You can travel so easily and so lightly as you have never experienced before. The system is based on sensors which are located in footbike’s hub. These sensors record people’s motion activity and respond to all your impulses. Whether you want to ride faster or slower, the footbike adapts to all what you need - you will experience the feeling of synergy and enjoy the swiftness and ease of motion.

Three modes, many possibilities

There is a lot of options you can set up. And then you just kick off! You can set up parameters using a mobile app which adapt footbike’s behaviour to your needs.

PEDELEC mode The PEDELEC mode will enhance the needed pushing power, so you can move very easily. If your speed drops to 6 km/h, the footbike will maintain it. Since it is speed of an agile person, you can easily move among other people. The speed support works up to 25 km/h.

FUN mode The FUN mode adds another function - it will maintain the last reached speed for the specific duration you set up. It includes the push-enhancement function, just as in the PEDELEC mode. Both modes include energy recovery. The maximal speed of the FUN mode is 20 km/h.

OFF mode If you want to get a little soaked and ride the footbike the way it has to be - without help. Simply set the mode to OFF - standard footbike mode.

No cables

You no longer need to worry about cables or unwanted damage. This unique system is based on the All-in-one solution, which means that all equipment (including sensors and batteries) is placed in the compact e-hub with nominal power 250 W.


No registration or insurance needed

Without license The Footbike Pedelec mode meets the strictest German legislation for electric footbikes - and you need not register anywhere or have an insurance.

*The legislation requirement can differ from country to country. You should always check the information of the appropriate country authority. E.g. in Czech Republic you can use all modes without any restrictions.

Safe and controllable

The big front wheel provides you an easy ride through all obstacles. The tires Schwalbe (German brand) will provide you a comfortable feeling. The optimized geometry is based on the long-year experience in footbike production. This makes our footbike models very stable and easy to control. You needn’t be afraid of an unpleasant bumpy ride because the e-footbike is small and unstable. The brakes Shimano will provide an excellent braking performance. Now you can simply enjoy your ride!


Control by phone app

You can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth and check your speed, your location or distance travelled. The whole setting is done through the mobile app - there you can choose various parameters such as:

  • - Boost (the kick-assist intensity),
  • - Assistance (the value of the distance over which the speed achieved during kick-off will be maintained - up to 1km),
  • - Braking (the braking intensity using the BT controller; only active with the BT controller - not included!),
  • - High speed braking (the intensity of the regenerative braking - active from 30km/h).

You can pair more footbikes with your account and choose the one you use. However, a smartphone is not required to drive! It serves mainly to set up the mode.

Mobile app

Or with bluetooth remote controller!

Bluethooth controller for your e-KOSTKA footbike is used to easily change modes during the ride and in no time. Adapt your e-Costume to your current requirements and enjoy even greater movement synergy between you and your footbike. Need maximum performance immediately? Hold down the boost button. Want to brake and put the energy you expended back into the battery? Use the regenerative braking button, all without cables.

Bluetooth remote control for e-KOSTKA

BT controller for e-KOSTKA

Energy recovery (recuperation) and quick charging

Recuperation You can use the energy recovery while braking or downhill riding, which allows you to charge a little bit energy back again. The time it takes to charge can be only about 2 hours using a standard 2A charger, which won’t overuse the battery too much, so that it can hold up to 1000 charge cycles! In PEDELEC mode, recuperation is activated at 30 km/h and in FUN mode at 25 km/h. The intensity of recuperation is adjustable.

Long range

Distance 160 Wh lithium battery provides a highly-developed power management and energy recovery system. The PEDELEC mode ensures the range of 50 km, while the FUN mode up to 20 km. But the real values always depend on the assistance set up, route profile and footbiker’s weight.

Stretch your body

Movement We preserved all qualities of a sports footbike. That’s why the ride is quick and easy but and you can stretch your body without any additional efforts. Do you want to exercise while coming back home from work? You can just reduce the engine power and make something good for your health! The footbike helps you to stretch and strengthen your muscles, improve your joint condition and prevent back pain.

Low weight but big weight capacity

Weight The weight capacity is designed for 120 kg while dynamic load. We test the lifespan of our footbikes on our testing places, where we check the material fatigue behaviour during real ride simulation. A low weight of this e-footbike ensures perfect driveability and manipulation.


You can fold the footbike easily in two steps within a second. The FOLD system provides the handlebars folding and the SPIN system ensures that the frame can be rotated around its axis. You will get a compact package which you can carry while travelling by public transport or car and which you can deposit where it is necessary. Our unique folding systems will help you with this!


No one will get away with her

Motor lock Our e-KOSTKA has the option of locking the engine as a protection against unauthorized use. When the e-KOSTKA motor is not rotating, the speed indicator changes to a lock icon and the motor can be locked. When the lock is activated, the motor has a high resistance to rotation, so normal driving is not possible. If you try to control the application or go to the e-KOSTKA when it is locked, a message in the application will alert you.

*The engine lock function does not replace the classic bicycle lock and does not secure the footbike against theft!

E3 footbikes innovations:

  • - Narrow rear hub pitch (100 mm) and 20 ”rear wheel.
  • - New and stiffer 6th generation frame for an even better driving experience.
  • - Increased engine torque.
  • - Increased battery capacity by 15%.
  • - Innovated motor and shaft mounting in a new polished aluminum chassis.
  • - New control electronics and mobile application.
  • - Reduced engine noise and improved cooling.
  • - The new generation of Bluetooth 5.1 - faster connection of a mobile device with an electric scooter - without the need for pairing, just keep both devices active and within reach.
  • - Automatic software update via mobile application.
  • - Smoother starting and stopping of the engine.
  • - Improved engine response - the engine responds better to rider stimuli, including a smoother recuperation start.
  • - Smoother parameter settings.
  • - Possibility to connect a BT controller.
  • - Possibility of connecting a SIGMA EOX VIEW 1300 cycling computer (in stock soon!).


20"- 20" versatile mid-size electric scooter for outdoor and city trips, equiped with a rear drive, for perfect rideability.

The KOSTKA e-TWENTY (G6) is a universal electric footbike that is also very popular with the fairer half of the footbiking populace due to its design where both wheels are the same size. It is not as large as the models with a larger front wheel (for example, the Kostka Tour), which is an advantage in many situations. At the same time, however, it provides the same amount of space for an adult rider, so your ride comfort is never compromised. The two identically sized wheels will support you in every situation, no matter whether you are riding on asphalt or if your path sometimes takes you along field or forest tracks.

The tires Schwalbe Marathon Racer make sure that you hold the line precisely. They fit best on the smooth asphalt but unpaved roads in the fields or woods are no problem as well.

Moreover, the two-chamber rims Dragon (equipped with lathed braking surfaces) with stainless wire spokes and the front wheel hub Kostka HK 1024 RS in the industrial bearings make the ride effective, comfortable and very fast.

It may happen that you hit something with the lower part of the deck, that can't be avoided... We tried to protect the frame during these collisions and thus prolong the lifespan. So we added a specials welds and a stiffener to the lower part of the deck that makes the footbike tougher as well.

This footbike is equipped with new ergonomic handlebars Kostka FBH 680-240 St, which were designed footbiking. The bar ends are adapted to your wrist and to natural grasp, thus your arms aren’t stressed more than necessary.

Weight: 12,4 kg
Frame load capacity: 150 kg
Length: 1580 mm
Height: 1020 mm
Footboard clearance: 50 mm
Footboard height: 76 mm
Footboard Length: 440 mm
Wheelbase: 1080 mm
Front wheel size: 20"
Rear wheel size: 20"
Handlebar width: 680 mm
Nominal engine power: 250 W (Brushless)
Max. speed: 20, 25 km/h
Battery: Li-ion (172.8 Wh, 6.0 Ah, 28.8 V)
Range: about 50 km
Charging time: about 2,5 h
Front fork: Rigid 20" - 100 mm
Stem: KOSTKA SK 2822 S
Handlebars: KOSTKA FBH 680-240 St
Brakes: Shimano 4000
Handlebar Grips: Hardened foam - locking
Headset: A-Head 1"
Hubs: KOSTKA HK 1024 RS
Bearings (Hubs): Industrial
Rims: Double wall - DRAGON
Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Racer
Tubes: Auto
Spokes: Stainless steel - black
Caps: Plastic reflex


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