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KOSTKA Trip - Expedition set

This Carrying bag is a part of KOSTKA Expedition set.

Are you planing to do long, mostly multi-day trips and you still ask yourself the same question where to put all that stuff you need to take with you? Now you don't have to! New practical KOSTKA carrying bags are able to take everything you need for those long journeys without any problem. Expedition set consisting of following bags will surprise you with it's compatibility and especially with it's storing space. Specially designed carrying bags from waterproof and washable material for TOUR model footbikes. Those bags are easily attachable on the footbike frame and nothing interfere with you. Say no to uncomfort carriers! Try our new Expedition set.

Expedition set is composed of practical fender and sophisticated system of following bags, which you can use separately. Get yourself those carrying bags, pack all your things and get ready to travel!

Carrying bag KOSTKA Trip FBH 26 XXL

Carrying bag KOSTKA Trip FBH 26 XXL

Elegant and functional carrying bag Trip FBH 26 XXL is destined to every footbike rider. The bag is mounted on the stem and due to its size you can fit in your wallet, keys with mobile phone, but even the windbreaker or a snack. You can hide your smartphone under the top transparent film you can be still on-line even on your trips.

Fixation is provided by the metal clip on the bag and it is constructed only for KOSTKA stems. Really fast and easy mounting is possible thanks to the metal rivet, which is sewn into the bottom part of the bag so the rider is able to unmount the bag and take it with him anywhere he wants.

Approximate volume: 2,7 liters

Carrying bag KOSTKA Trip TWIN XXL

Carrying bag KOSTKA Trip TWIN XXL

Every proper travel footbike should be equiped with this practical and functional KOSTKA TWIN bag.

Fast and easy assembly are great advantage of this bag, so the rider can have the bag with him on every stop at shops or restaurants. Elegant bag KOSTKA TWIN is fixed on the frame with velcro stripes. KOSTKA TWIN bag consist of two mutually independent pockets and between those two separated pockets youcan find the Bottle bag with 2,8 liters volume. The size of the bag can tell us, that it has enough space for keeping all the important stuff of daily usage - not only snacks, but for example clothes. Front fixation stripes and the sides of the bag are provided with a reflective elements. This is increasing the passive protection of the rider.

Approximate volume: 2x 2,5 liters

Brašna Trip Box

Carrying bag KOSTKA Trip Box

Another extension of your bag arsenal can be done with carrying bag KOSTKA Trip Box. Practical traveling bag with zipper on both sides, in which you can fit some accessories, spare parts and even your sleeping bag or some shopping list items. You can mount the bag only on our new KOSTKA Footbike fender, wihtout this fender you will not be able to use this bag a mount it on the footbike will be impossible. Mount the bag on the fender by hooking the bag over the top of the fender with the holes in the bag. Then secure it with the split spin in the bottom part of the bag. Also you can easily dismount the bag anytime you want.

Approximate volume: 4 liters

Carrying bag Trip Plus Box

Carrying Bag Trip Plus Box

Is the TWIN XXL size not enough for you? With Carrying bag Trip Plu Box you can very easily increase the volume of your possible "cargo". The bag is equipped with plastic studs, which you will click into the relevant pats on the TWIN XXL bag and you are ready to go!

Approximate volume: 1,3 liter

KOSTKA Footbike Fender

KOSTKA Footbike Fender

The KOSTKA Footbike fender is determined only for footbike. It´s construction is radically different from usually used fenders. The fender KOSTKA is not only useful supplement of every footbike, but it also complete design of footbike.

You can simply attach the the fender to the frame, because the fender is provided with two holes, which can fit into the bottle holder mounting holes. But don't worry, if you have the KOSTKA Fender, you will not loose the opportunity of mounting the bottle holder. The Fender is designed for the bottle holder to be mounted straight on the fender.


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