KOSTKA TWIN III carrying bag - waterproof

KOSTKA TWIN III carrying bag - waterproof

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KOSTKA footbikes and accessories are products manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic.

Your favourite KOSTKA TWIN III bag in waterproof design.

Every proper cruise footbike should be equiped with this practical and functional KOSTKA TWIN III bag.

New and enhanced carrying bag KOSTKA TWIN III. With this bag you can now carry even more things with you and it still won't tie you up, its width has been increased and the bag is equipped with an elephant's ear, which offers additional storage space without changing driving comfort. In addition, the new version of the KOSTKA TWIN III bag has a rubber insole at the point where the bag is in contact with the footbike frame, so there is no more unpleasant rotation and shifting of the bag from the place of its attachment.

Fast and easy assembly are great advantage of this bag, so the rider can have the bag with him on every stop at shops or restaurants. Elegant bag KOSTKA TWIN III is fixed on the frame with velcro stripes.

KOSTKA TWIN III bag consist of two mutually independent pockets and between those two separated pockets you can easily mount your water bottle. The size of the bag can tell us, that it has enough space for keeping all the important stuff of daily usage - not only snacks, but for example clothes: every of the two pockets is 290 mm long and about 90 mm wide. Front fixation stripes and the sides of the bag are provided with a reflective elements. This is increasing the passive protection of the rider.


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