Four systems creating complex solving of folding footbike KOSTKA RUBIK 4. In folding position is footbike fully in anchoring position.

System DRIVE LOCK works for easy anchoring necessary for transportation or during parking of footbike. For blocking of handlebar driver turn handlebar about 180 degrees and their repeated unblocking only release anchoring screw. System is very safe and it defends spontaneous blocking during riding.
System FOLD is describe 3 commands , permit, turn, drag. System FOLD is easy and effective. Development and introduction of FOLD systém tothe market was planed just for future fold model RUBIK. The issue is CNC stem from special aluminium alloy 6061 T6. Body of stem is from two parts together conected by axis from quenched steel guaranteed high safety nad stiffness in connection. Fixing is realized by nut. For folding of handlebar suffice permit ensuring nut and turn handlebar about 180 degrees and drug again.
System SPIN introduce revolution solving of folding of footbike. Turning of main frame tube in direction to rear decrease dimension of footbike to comfortable transport dimension. Basic component is new turning placing, which is conected firmly with main frame tube. Advantage of this placing is high stiffness , firmness and longlife. Anchoring aginst turning ensure special lever which enable variability of fixing in each position. For turning suffice permit lever, turn main frame tube about 180 degrees and fix. It is done during a second. For user comfort is flange provided by flat out for right position of main frame tube for driving. All functional parts are made from stainless steel., guaranteed high longlife, without higher needs of maintenance.
For achievement of lesser dimension of folded footbike is possible easy remove rear wheel and put into transport bag. System BRAKE OFF ensure easy disconnection of rear brake. BRAKE OFF is placed just near brake lever. Disconnection of rear break is fast and it is done during a second by easy pull of ensuring adapter. Quick release permit , rear wheel disassembly and put into bag. It is systém BRAKE OFF. Rapidly and easy. For assembly you put wheel, drug quick release and return ensuring adapter to original position. All is done during a moment.

The folding footbike KOSTKA RUBIK 4

In folded position is RUBIK the smallest footbike with 16" wheels in the word.

  • Weight 8,2 kg
  • loading capacity 150 kg
  • time of assembling is to half a minute
  • dimension in folding position 107 x 60 x 25 cm
  • four systems creating solutions of folding footbike KOSTKA RUBIK 4 (DRIVE LOCK, FOLD, SPIN, BRAKE OFF)
  • both wheels 16" with two – chamber rims with hubs in industry ball bearings, brakes Shimano Alivio, tyres Schwalbe Marathon Racer

The reason for purchase of folding footbike is not only frequent traveling by public transport. Many times it is ordinary need to solve compactness of all , what we have at home usually. This problem have mainly inhabitants in big modern cities.

Get to your traveling at the city modern and elegant and folding footbike RUBIK! Folding takes half a minute included packing to transport bag. In folded position is suitable also for transport by public trafic. KOSTKA RUBIK 4 is unique between folding footbikes. With weight of 8,2 kg belongs between the most light folding footbikes in the market. RUBIK is city helper for every day.

The technical part

"RubikRubik 4 foldingRubik 4 foldingRubik 4 ready for transportRubik 4 max. folding

Decisive driving qualities are not given only by used components, but by all conception. Main quality is given by frame and its technological processing. Footbike KOSTKA RUBIK 4 is made on platform frame STREET and for its excellent driving quality is suitable for city traffic. Narrow footboard, embedded quick releases and minimal off-set of front fork insure maximal controllability and liveliness. Footboard is from bottom side strengthen by special brace. For passive safety is frame get by reflex labels and is protected by two level UV lacquer. Against corrosion inside frame are inside wall protected by lacquer, too.

Footbike KOSTKA RUBIK 4 is equiped by sophisticated and easy system of folding. For easy transport is necessary stop rotation of front fork. Anchoring ensure systém DRIVE LOCK. For blocking of handlebar driver turn handlebar about 180 degrees and their repeated unblocking only release anchoring screw. Folding of handlebar makes folding stem KOSTKA FOLD used also in other types of footbikes. System is again very safe and ensured by insurance nut. Main frame tube is possible fold by systém SPIN on principal of turn mechanism. Advantage of systém SPIN is high toughness, strength and longlife. For real elimination of dimension for instance for conceal of footbike to bag is system BRAKE OFF which during second dissconect jaw of rear brake. Then is possible easy to disassemble rear wheel. High quality tyres Marathon Racer of Germany producer Schwalbe have big influence for ease and light driving. Tyre is protected by two level of nylon fabric marked as RaceGuard. For increasing of passive safety is on side of tyre reflective strim.

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