Footbike KOSTKA MUSHING MAX (G6) - Limited edition Red

Limited edition

Footbike KOSTKA MUSHING MAX (G6) - Limited edition Red

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KOSTKA footbikes and accessories are products manufactured exclusively in the Czech Republic.

"The little brother of the Mushing Racer Pro (G6)" - that's what you could call a 26×20" off-road musher model equipped with a front suspension fork. Not everyone needs a marine corvette, many make do with a fast and agile sports boat that will reliably guide you - or better yet, you and your dog - through rugged terrain.

An oft-maligned word for footbikes, which, unlike bikes, have an open frame, is rigidity. Especially in the case of off-road or musher models, this goes hand in hand with overall strength and durability. The sixth-generation Mushing Max has been given an almost imperceptible, but nonetheless significant, reinforcement of the tread surface for the overall stiffness of the footbike. For a better stance in difficult terrain and at high speeds, the surface has also been widened. This allows you to stand absolutely safely and comfortably with both feet side by side. Also new is the milled aluminium heel stop/heel guard, which, in addition to its own functionality, also lacks a certain design potential.

The increased stiffness is matched by a new semi-integrated head assembly, which houses a front suspension fork with lock-out suspension. This means you can tackle even the toughest terrain without losing front wheel contact with the surface, or perhaps sparks flying behind you from the footpeg grinding rocks on the road. Then, of course, the tyres take care of making the right contact with the terrain - in the case of the Mushing Max G6, it's the tried-and-tested Schwalbe Smart Sam that will hold you up on any surface.

Low oversize MTB swallows with semi-rigid grips for a firm grip contribute to the steering feel. A footbike designed for off-road use requires quality disc brakes. Our company relies on Japanese Shimano, and of course it's hydraulic disc brakes. You know the drill - when your dog picks up the pace, he doesn't exactly take into account the gentleman on the pedal behind him. So sometimes you have to be sharper on the brakes. But whether it's just slowing down or stopping safely from 100 to zero, neither is a problem for the KOSTKA Mushing Max (G6).

For the right synergy with your canine partner, this model is equipped with a lead holder and an adapter or "antenna" integrated on the head tube under the handlebars. Both the easily removable lead adapter made of spring steel and the lead with shock absorber are included in the standard equipment of this footbike. The lead meets the standards prescribed by the Czech and international associations - thanks to this you can go with your dog to musher races.

Whether fast or more cautious, with or without your dog, with the KOSTKA Mushing Max (G6) footbike it's always a great off-road experience that you shouldn't miss!

Weight: 12,5 kg
Frame load capacity: 150 kg
Length: 1780 mm
Height: 1120 mm
Footboard Length: 440 mm
Wheelbase: 1180 mm
Front wheel size: 26"
Rear wheel size: 20"
Handlebar width: 720 mm
Front fork: Suspension - Semi-integrated
Stem: Force 110 mm - 31,8 mm
Handlebars: MTB 720 mm - 31,8 mm
Brakes: Shimano 395
Handlebar Grips: Rubber - locking
Headset: A-Head Semi-integrated
Hubs: KOSTKA HK 1024 DS
Bearings (Hubs): Industrial
Rims: Double wall - RDX
Tires: Schwalbe Smart Sam
Tubes: Auto
Spokes: Stainless steel
Caps: Plastic reflex


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