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The Kostka Mushing Racer Max (G6) – terrain riding with your dog without making any compromises

A footbike is a synonym for free movement. And the greatest freedom is to be found in nature. In the fresh air, away from the noise of the roads and ubiquitous cars. But what about the fact that field tracks are often bumpy, full of roots and stones and sometimes extremely muddy or covered in snow in winter? None of that should discourage you. On the contrary – you should see it as a challenge. And at the same time, it is also an invitation for your canine partner. Set off for the countryside with your dog, enjoy a leisurely ride and stretch both your legs and those of your faithful friend. There is nothing to stop you from signing up for musher races and challenging other footbike riders of a similar disposition. And their dogs, of course. Is there anything missing? Just one tiny thing … your racing machine, the Kostka Mushing Racer Max (G6).

Face the terrain with a strong frame

The Kostka Mushing Racer Max (G6) is a footbike that has been designed for fast riding on ungroomed tracks, no matter whether you are riding with or without a dog (which, of course, is also possible). The foundation is the large wheels with excellent terrain capabilities – a 27.5 inch wheel in front and a 24 inch wheel at the back – plus the frame with geometry that has been specially designed for fast riding on any type of track. The sixth generation frame, which has been welded with a high degree of precision and weld quality by robots, has been reinforced to enable it to deal with even the roughest conditions and, unlike the road models, it has a raised deck in order to allow it to overcome any obstacles in the terrain more easily. Moreover, it can also boast the new CNC-milled aluminium heel guard. The height (and angle) of the deck can also be regulated within an interval of ±30 mm using specially designed spacers in the headset.

We have also consulted experienced mushers when choosing a rigid fork – there is no loss of energy, as occurs with a sprung fork. The semi-integrated headset not only provides precise steering, but also contributes to the overall rigidity of the footbike. It is also possible to replace the standard steel front fork with, for example, a carbon fork with a tapered neck thanks to another, optionally supplied crown race.

Designed for every surface

The dual chamber RDX rims and the cross-pattern spokes with Sapim stainless steel wires guarantee the required degree of wheel rigidity, while the 100 mm wide hubs with high quality Japanese industrial bearings made by Kostka mean that the Mushing Racer’s wheels turn with almost no resistance. Whereas road and trekking footbikes can easily make do with V-brakes on the rims, the terrain model requires disc brakes. The Kostka Mushing Racer Max (G6) is equipped with hydraulic Shimano 395 brakes with 180mm discs on both wheels – you can rely on them in all situations.

We have also carefully selected the tyres for our special terrain/musher model. The fast Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres have a low rolling resistance thanks to their compact longitudinally oriented pattern in the middle of the tread that grips on hard surfaces and the distinctive side block tread patterns that provide grip in heavy terrain. In short, they are universal tyres for the widest variety of surfaces that you may come across on your travels.

The Kostka Mushing Racer Max (G6) is equipped with 740 mm wide oversize MTB handlebars (31.8 mm) on a short stem with a wide turning angle to ensure excellent handling in the heaviest terrain, but also on technical tracks. The adapter for the dog’s lead has been integrated into the front section of the head tube. A flexible lead comes as part of the standard equipment.

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Basic specifications

Height 1050 mm
Length 1900 mm
Weight 11 kg
Loading capacity of frame 150 kg
Front wheel size 27.5"
Rear wheel size 24"
Clearance Height of Footboard 89 mm
Footboard Length 450 mm
Wheelbase 1240 mm
Handlebar width 740 mm


Brakes Shimano 395
Hubs KOSTKA HK 1024 DS
Tires Schwalbe Smart Sam
Rims Double wall - RDX
Stem Force Basic 70 mm - 31,8 mm
Handlebars Force MTB 740 mm - 31,8 mm
Front fork Rigid 27,5" - 100mm Semi-integrated
Bearings (Hubs) Industrial
Headset A-Head Semi-integrated
Handlebar Grips Rubber - locking
Spokes Stainless steel
Tubes Auto
Caps Plastic reflex


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