Bluetooth controller for your e-footbike!

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Úvodní fotka - BT Ovladač pro e-KOSTKA

Bluethooth controller for your e-KOSTKA footbike is used to easily change modes during the ride and in no time. Adapt your e-Costume to your current requirements and enjoy even greater movement synergy between you and your footbike. Need maximum performance immediately? Hold down the boost button. Want to brake and put the energy you expended back into the battery? Use the regenerative braking button, all without cables.

Change driving mode

Switch between OFF/Pedelec and FUN modes easily while you ride. Whether you just want to take in the scenery and maintain your speed with FUN mode, get a good workout without the engine or enjoy a bounce in Pedelec mode, you can do it easily in seconds with this special controller.

The boost button

When you hold down the boost button, the motor will instantly give you its maximum power.
*The engine only provides maximum power for a limited time.

Regenerative braking

You want to slow down or stop and still get some of that energy back. Hold down the recuperation button and the motor will start braking and store the energy back into your battery.

Controller button functions

Controller button functions

Cable-free and easily removable

Cable-free controller using bluethooth technology for worry-free control of your e-Bone footbike. In seconds, the controller can be removed from the handlebars so you can take it anywhere without worrying about it being stolen.

Controller details

Long battery life

No need to worry about charging the BT controller every time you take your footbike. The battery life is high, and it will tell you when it needs to charge in time by itself with the coloured indication of the middle button.

Pairing the controller and the e-KOSTKA

Pair the controller with your e-footbike the first time you use it. The next time you use it, just press the middle button and the controller will connect to your e-footbike automatically.
*The controller only connects when the motor is active and the LED is lit

Connecting to app

Placement on the left and right side of the handlebars

You want to have the controller on the left or right side of the handlebars no problem. You choose your preference when pairing in the app. Do you prefer the boost button on top and the regenerative braking on the bottom? Or are your preferences the opposite? Simply turn the controller to your desired direction. By combining the settings when pairing the controller and positioning it on the handlebars, you'll find the option that suits you.

Placement on bith sides of the handlebars

Indication LEDs

With three indicator LEDs you can monitor your battery level, motor performance or speed.
*They are for indicative display only and do not show any absolute values.

LED description

Package contents

  • - BT e-KOSTKA controller
  • - Handlebar mount
  • - Charging adapter
  • - Cable
  • - Instructions for use

Discover the controller

Controller details
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