New visual identity, same vision.

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At Christmas 2023 we celebrated 25 years of scooter manufacturing, marking another milestone in our company's history. So to mark this anniversary we are bringing a change in visual identity that we are excited about. Despite the logo change, our vision remains unshakeable - we are still committed to providing superior service and products that bring value to all our customers who put their trust in us.

New products

In reviewing the visual designs of the new products we have planned for not only this year, but for years to come, we realized that these products deserve not only a new design and construction, but also a new visual identity.

We have been working on the new visual identity for over a year, allowing ourselves plenty of time to ensure that the final look is consistent with our future direction and can be an integral part of not only our products, but also our hearts.

Transformation over time

Even though we are saying goodbye to the old logo, it has been with us for a really long time on our journey and has been an integral part of our story together. The idea of changing the logo was constantly on our minds, periodically coming and going. However, more than a year ago we decided that the time was really right for a change.

Replacing the old logo will be gradual, and we'll enjoy some time with both visuals at the same time. The new logo will first appear on the new products and the latest generation of scooters, then it will gradually make its way across our products.

A word in conclusion

We are confident that the new logo will be as successful as the old one and will help us enter a new decade. Our products carry our surname, and believe that this is the biggest commitment. We are excited about the new visual identity and look forward to introducing you to the products we have been working on for a long time.

Marek & Marek Kostka

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