Does cycling hurt your back, running hurt your knees and walking is boring? Try FOOTBIKING!

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Few physical activities have such a broadly beneficial impact on health and physique, than riding a footbike. Compared to popular running and cycling, footbiking clearly leads in many aspects.

Physical fitness and body shaping

Physical fitness and body shapingYou burn more calories on a footbike and can actually give yourself a proper body workout if you want. Another major advantage over running or cycling is that footbiking strengthens far more muscles, including your arms, back and mid-body. Check out the energy expenditure of different types of exercise for a comparison:

You burn more calories on a footbike

Footbike strengthens arms, abdominals and thighs - We lean on our arms while riding the footbike and work them with each bounce and subsequent straightening. We strengthen them with our own weight, which is the ideal load. In the same movement, we also strain and stretch the abdominal muscles. And since we alternate standing on one leg and switching legs on the rebound, the thigh muscles are also strengthened.

The miraculous leg extension – Footbiking is a guaranteed way to grow strong glutes, which not only your self-esteem will appreciate, but strong gluteal musculature is a great prevention of hip and lumbar spine pain due to prolonged sitting. On the footbike, we bounce with both legs alternately, so we stretch our gluteal muscles and sculpt those parts of the hips that resist normal exercise.

Footbike strengthens arms, abdominals and thighs

Protecting the joints and ending back pain

When cycling, the back takes a beating due to the "hunching". Running puts extreme stress on the joints. This is especially true for people who are overweight or less overweight. Footbiking reliably eliminates both of these risks.

Joints are safe - The shocks of running can reliably kill off the joints. In contrast, there are logically no shocks when riding a footbike. At the same time, riding a footbike is very similar to our most natural movement - walking. The limbs move axially and therefore quite naturally when footbiking. Neither the knees nor the hips suffer. The stretching leads to hip extension and therefore hip relaxation. In general, footbike improves the musculoskeletal system and movement coordination. Footbiking is one of the most suitable movements even after hip surgery and is now regularly used in the rehabilitation of patients.

Back does not hurt - It is true that cycling is much kinder to the joints than running. However, the problem is the back. Standing upright is the best thing for the body. This is doubly true with our sedentary lifestyle. And an upright posture and therefore a straight back are part of the footbiking. During footbiking, no place on the spine is overloaded, the intercostal and back muscles are strained, which then hold the spine more firmly. By extending our legs during kicking, we relieve the lumbar spine.

Joints are safe, back does not hurt

Safety and fun

For those who aren't so confident anymore, footbiking is much safer than cycling because you are standing just off the ground and the risk of injury is minimal. A footbike is also easier to control than a bicycle. Anyone can make a quick stop or "dismount" instantly.

There is no doubt that walking is also good exercise for the body. But footbiking is also fun. Even a few dozen minutes is enough to give the body the right amount of healthy exercise. Footbiking also works great as a compensation for a sedentary lifestyle, as well as for the excessive strain generated by other sporting activities that often load our bodies too one-sidedly.

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